What?s on the new Mickey Mouse Club DVD

Rich T

Hi, all. Just got the new DVD featuring 5 classic Mickey Mouse Club Episodes. Thought I?d give you a quick overview of the contents, since there?s not a lot of info on the cover.

The outside states this DVD is surround stereo. This is, of course, nonsense unless you count the previews. The sound is mono, decent quality, although there?s quite a lot of bleed/ghosting in Mickey?s animated intros.

1. Fun With Music Day (1957)

Every episode begins with the shortened version of the MMC song. This one has my favorite Donald-and-the-gong gag: The goat.
Starts with ?We?re the Mousketeers,? so you don?t get the ?Fun With Music? song. Darlene is featured in a cute musical sequence set in a pet shop. Then comes a lengthy-but-entertaining intro episode (clips of things to come) from the second Hardy Boys adventure. Doreen sings ?Beauty is as Beauty Does.?

You know how each episode ends. :)

2. Guest Star Day (1962)

The original Guest Star Day song - Yay! The day?s guests are from the Ice Capades - a male clown in drag who?s a bit creepy but great at pratfalls, and champion skater Ronnie Robertson. Awesome Mary Blair background design. A mousekartoon - Ferdinand! Too bad it?s in B&W and very scratchy, but at least it?s complete. Jimmy Dodd comes out and says that what he liked about Bambi was ?how the animals practiced safety,? then sings Safety First. Jimmie Dodd rocked.

3. Anything Can Happen Day (1964)

The Anything Can Happen song! I think I?ve only seen this once before in my life. Then - The Firehouse Five Plus Two! The Mousketeers join them for ?I Wanna Be a Fireman,? then the band tears into ?Tiger Rag? as the Mousketeers literally try to ?hold that tiger? and the number climaxes in a psychedelic earthquake. This sequence right here is worth the price of the DVD. Joyful, wonderful, awesome. Mousekartoon is Mickey?s Nightmare, which seems edited.

4. Circus Day (1962)

Opens with the Circus Song. An excellent 2-man juggling act manages to enlist Roy as a hapless ?volunteer.? Mousekartoon is The Pied Piper. Jimmie does his classic ?May I have a Word With You? song and then does a bit about teenage problems. The message is learn to get along with people. Jimmie Dodd should have been President of the U.S.A.

5. Talent Roundup Day (1957)

AAAAUGH!!!! No Talent Roundup Song! Dang it! ?We?re The Mousketeers? again. A talented girl sings ?Weekend Blues? then joins two kids for a jazzy dance number. Very nice. At least we get the ?That?s Your Hat? song. Newsreel time - Hawaiian Adventure part 5, introduced and narrated by Annette. Jimmie Dodd sings a Mouskefable about a Doctor-impersonating cat. The moral is ?Watch out for phonies.? Again...Dodd shoulda been President.

No bonus features.

Overall, this is a fun DVD and a nice companion to the Week One LE set. The Firehouse 5 episode definitely qualifies as a true ?Best Of? and makes this disc worth the purchase.

Man, remember when the Disney Channel actually showed this classic stuff? They need to bring back the late night Vault Disney show and axe the late showings of That?s So Raven.

- Rich
I give them credit for making sure they didn't pick a show that would air an episode of an ongoing dramatic serial out of context and make all of us frustrated that there wasn't more for us to see.

And re: the Disney Channel. I have not watched a single program there ever since Vault Disney was removed.