What kind of Mic?


I going to be doing some recording at home for projects Im working on (very Imagineering ride thru type stuff ;) )And I was wondering...

What kind of Mic do they use to record ride audio..you know narration and stuff? Is it Uni directional, Omni directional, or maybe (place phrase here)directional...can you help me with the info?

Also, Ive noticed (most notably in the picture of Vincent Price recording Phantom manor) What looks like a round frame, empty in the middle, and covered with stocking. This is placed in front of the mic and the actor talks thru it...Is this to prevent "popping" like I suspect? and whats it called?

Thank you for your time.



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Hey Mark.

Unidirectional or "cardioid" mics are what you want to avoid getting a lot of ambient noise.

In regards to the pop filter, it's called a "pop filter" ;-)

The fancy ones are made of all kinds of material, but you can make one with an embroidary hoop and a pair of pantyhose.



very cool, Thanks man...

Radio Shack here i come :)

Oh, has anyone else tried recording this way? Im curious if anyone has built there own ride thru projects or just recorded stuff on the computer and messed with it...