What I'd Put On A Musical History Of WDW Set

Now that I have found myself thoroughly enjoying the Musical History of Disneyland set, my mind now races with the thought of what should be done if in the hopefully not too distant future (maybe the 40th anniversary at the latest) similar treatment is given for WDW/EPCOT etc. Attractions common to both WDW and DL which did not appear on DL could get the fully restored treatment for this one, in addition to the unique material being spotlighted.

#1-20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Fully mixed narration and organ track, with sound effects)

#2-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (That original faster tempo version of "Nowhere In Particular" that played in the queue up to the last two years of the ride still maddeningly eludes me)

#3-Hall Of Presidents (I am torn on whether I'd want a pristine version of the full narration and score, or the complete underscore isolated which I would really love to hear for the first time. Solution: Release the LP on the Wonderland label with the full narration and do an isolated underscore only for this kind of set!)

#4-Mission To Mars (Not used on DL, so this can appear in its best quality here).

#5-If You Had Wings (The Holy of Holies for any kind of WDW set. Fully mixed version of all different tracks from the boarding music to the opening female singers chorus of "If You Had Wings" in the globe all the way to the exit music "You Do Have Wings.")

#6-Carousel Of Progress ("Now Is The Time" version, but use the 75-81 version rather than the 85-89 version from WDW Forever system)

#7-American Journeys (Isolated underscore)

#8-EPCOT. Spaceship Earth (Two versions. Narration and score for "Tomorrow's Child" version and isolated underscore only for the Irons version)

#9-EPCOT. Universe Of Energy (Isolated underscore only of the original attraction. The isolated score for the big screen movie sequence is another Holy Grail item for me)

#10-EPCOT. Original Main Entrance Medley

#11-EPCOT. Impressions de France (Isolated underscore)

#12-EPCOT. The American Adventure

That would be for starters and would fill my essential needs for all time. Anything else that others would want to see added to this kind of collection would be icing on the cake.


Well I think Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center has plenty of material for 2 sets. Animal Kingdom and MGM has good stuff, but they are still young.

Maybe I'd try to come up with a list for Magic Kingdom, but for now I can think of: Dreamflight

EPCOT Center has 3 musical attractions that could fit not only the complete ride on one CD, but the original area loops as well: Journey Into Imagination, Horizons & World Of Motion.

For The Land you probably couldn't put the interior loop, but the exterior loop would probably still fit with Listen To The Land flow through and Kitchen Kabaret, possibly Food Rocks, but that may be pushing it.

The Living Seas I'm not too familiar with, but the area loop is about 50 minutes so I doubt that would make it to a official CD.

Spaceship Earth CD could include We've Just Begun To Dream and the original entrance loop along with flow throughs of the Walter Cronkite & Jeremy Irons SE.

Eric I think you got Universe Of Energy down, hearing the original area loop would be cool too.

World Showcase would have to be thought out by someone else besides obviously El Rio Del Tiempo, Maelstrom, American Adventure and Canada, I guess parts of area loops or live performances would be used?
Grizzlyhall's 6 Disc-Set proposal... ;)

DISC ONE: Main Street, USA & Adventureland
1. All Aboard!
2. Seventy-Six Trombones
3. Dapper Dans Track
4. Main Street Area Music Track
5. Rhythm Rascals Track
6. Pianist Track
7. Adventureland Area Music Track
8. Swisskapolka
9. Tropical Serenade, Barker Bird
10. Tropical Serenade, Preshow
11. Tropical Serenade
12. Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management
13. Pirates of the Caribbean
14. Frontierland Area Music Track
15. Splash Mountain

DISC TWO: Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland
1. Big Thunder Mountain Music Track/Big Thunder Ride Through
2. Country Bear Jamboree (with present day vocals)
3. Diamond Horseshoe track
4. Liberty Square Music Track
5. The Hall of Presidents (1971 version)
6. The Haunted Mansion
7. Fantasyland West Music Track
8. It's a Small World (with current loading track... good stuff)
9. Cinderella Carousel Track
10. Fantasyland Darkride Suite (Pan, Snow White, Pooh, Toad, emphasis on Pan, White, and Toad)
11. Mickey Mouse Revue
12. Legend of the Lion King

DISC THREE: Fantasyland, Toontown, Tomorrowland
1. Mickey's PhilharMagic
2. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
3. Mad Tea Party Track
4. Toontown Track
5. Tomorrowland Speedway sounds into SPACE MOUNTAIN (We've Come So Far tracks)
6. Tomorrowland Area Music Track (1971) behind WEDWAY narration
7. Magic Carpet 'Round the World
8. The Timekeeper (complete score and narration)
9. Mission to Mars
10. Carousel of Progress (original)

DISC FOUR: Tomorrowland
1. If You Had Wings
2. Delta Dreamflight
3. Tomorrowland Area Music Track (present) behind TTA narration
4. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
5. The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter
6. Walt Disney's (1994) Carousel of Progress
7. The Electrical Water Pageant
8. Seven Seas Lagoon Sound Effects
9. Disney Resort Music Track Suite (Contemporary, Polynesian, Wilderness, etc).
10. Fantasy in the Sky

DISC FIVE: Epcot, Future World
1. EPCOT Entrance Medley (Using different tracks than previously released) (1982)
2. Spaceship Earth, 1982
3. Original Communicore Music/Age of Information/Communicore Sound Effects and whatnot
4. Spaceship Earth, 1986
5. Innoventions Theme Music
6. Fountain Show Music Track
7. Spaceship Earth (1994)
8. Original Universe of Energy show

DISC SIX: Epcot, Future World
1. Universe of Energy exterior music, 1996
2. Ellen's Energy Adventure
3. Wonders of Life Area Music Track
4. Cranium Command
5. The Making of Me
6. Body Wars
7. Horizons area music track

DISC SEVEN: Epcot, Future World
1. Horizons (including queue music and narration)
2. Mission Space Area
3. Mission Space
4. World of Motion Queue Track
5. World of Motion
6. Test Track Medley?
7. Journey into Imagination Area Music Track
8. Journey into Imagination

DISC EIGHT: Epcot, Future World
1. Image Works Medley (sound effects and dialog)
2. Magic Journeys
3. Captain EO
4. Journey into Your Imagination
5. Imagination! Area Music Track
6. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!
7. Journey into Imagination with Figment

DISC NINE: Epcot, Future World
1. The Land Exterior Track
2. Listen to the Land
3. Kitchen Kabaret
4. Symbiosis
5. The Land Interior Track
6. Living with the Land
7. Food Rocks
8. Circle of Life
9. Soarin'
10. The Living Seas Area Music/Ambience Track
11. World Showcase Medley (representative song from each country)

DISC TEN: Epcot, World Showcase
1. El Rio Del Tiempo
2. Maelstrom
3. Wonders of China
4. The American Adventure
5. Impressions de France (with dialog)
6. O'Canada
7. No Place Like World Showcase parade
8. Original light show
9. Illuminations (pick a version)
10. Tapestry of Nations (Condensed)

And whatever MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom . .. ;D

Did you REALLY expect just six discs? ;)

David S.

Nice thread and well done, Grizzly Hall!

I agree that to get the same kind of "thoroughness" that the Disneyland set has, the WDW set would have to surpass 6 CDs.

I'd like to see the MK get the same kind of treatment as DL, with different area music/performance tracks for variety (such as steel drum band) and definite inclusion of classic attractions found in the MK not found at DL, such as Mickey Mouse Revue, If You Had Wings and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

My "Holy Grail" in the MK is Mickey Mouse Revue.

For Epcot, ride-throughs of all the classic attractions would be AWESOME!

The original wave of Epcot rides and shows were some of the last of the "old school" large scale Audio-Animatronic Disney classics (Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy, Horizons, World Of Motion, Journey Into Imagination, Kitchen Kabaret, El Rio Del Tiempo, etc.) before these type of attractions began being phased out :(

I'd love to see them represented on a CD boxed set. My favorites of these, especially from an audio/musical perspective, are Journey Into Imagination, Kitchen Kaberet, El Rio Del Tiempo, and World of Motion.

It would be great to have the classic nightime entertainment included as well, such as Electrical Water Pagent, MSEP, Spectromagic, and Illuminations. And a sampling of some of the resort music...

Hopefully, WDW management will look at the phenominal success of the DL boxed set and embrace a variation on the "build it and they will come" phrase - "build a Disney theme park boxed set, and sales will go through the roof!"



Great job GrizzlyHall! You don't have many selections from parades or live shows,but the DL set didn't have those either.I hope we see a WDW CD set released someday.How about a music of Epcot set? Epcot's 25th anniversary will be celebrated in 2007. :)
I'm glad to see this has generated more input! Many of the other proposed choices would be great to see in improved quality (for those that already circulate as a result of WDW Forever tracks) as well.

Parades and nighttime entertainment I confess to not being that interested in, so the more space that gets reserved for attraction material if we ever see such a project, the better from my standpoint, but that's just me.


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In a major EPCOT set, I'd include a number by the Voices of Liberty, the instrumental music from Splashtacular and Surprise in the Skies, something by Off Kilter and Carmina Burana by Cast in Bronze.