What does it say...

When I get all excited about the possible return of a 40+-year-old attraction?

Sub Update (from Mice Age)

Work continues behind the scenes on the plan to reopen the Submarine Voyage once Space Mountain closes. The "Autopia Winners Circle" store is actually part of the 20-year sponsorship deal with Chevron, and a new version of that store will need to be built somewhere in Tomorrowland if it closes to turn that area back into the Submarine Voyage queue. The likeliest place would be the space currently used as the Hatmosphere souvenir stand underneath the old Skyway station. Since the Space Mountain closure is now estimated to take at least two full years to complete, and perhaps as long as 28 months, the reopening of both Submarine Voyage and CircleVision would certainly be more permanent than temporary.

However, there is no guarantee that the Submarines would remain in service once Space Mountain reopens in late 2005. But with attendance at Innoventions, Honey I Shrunk the Audience and Star Tours falling like a moon rock, Cynthia Harriss and her trusty executives realize something must be done with Tomorrowland. Those executives consciously left Tomorrowland on the back burner ever since the Rocket Rods began having serious problems in 1999, but the upcoming two year Space Mountain closure has really forced their hand on getting some quick fixes up and running in that area of the Park.

Jeff...I will have to be making a trip to CA for this. Might even walk through DCA...

And just so I stay OT... I can't wait to hear all of those favorite sea shanties while waiting hours (gladly) to sail under the polar icecaps just one more time. :D
Subs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crclevision!!!!!!!!!!

Masks the pain of them selling the Angels today (no joy in Mudville). Maybe Presslers replacement is the Great White Hope after all.

Maybe we can meet for breakfast at Storytellers cafe and compare obsessions, (Grin).
But you have to go on soarin and see Alladin and the Animation bldg. If you need a So Cal Discount for a pass ,etc. Im thier for you two.


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So they sold the Angels after all, huh? B@$+@rd$ .

Thanks in advance, Jeff. We'll have to see what happens...will depend on work schedules, finances, etc. but I'll definitely let you know.