What Can We Do and Not Do Here?

I know somewhere there is a topic about this, but I didn't look. I know we can't post fan made art covers.
I also know we can't post MP3s, unless it's 30 seconds or less (fair trade policy) to identity a track.
Is there anything else I should know about? I kind-of don't know how to use a bit-torrent service and I don't know how to clip an MP3.



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The basic rule is that anything related to file sharing/downloading of copyright material (whether commercially available or not) is not allowed on this site (as it's illegal, period).
The posting of the album covers (genuine ones) appears to be OK provided they are of good quality.
That first bit also includes naming of/discussing other sites which may be making copyright material available or links to such files.
OK to say "I have this file...." but not "I got this file from www.xyz.com".
Maybe there should be a big sticky outlining it clearly.
Jay will add/correct anything I have missed out there, I'm sure ;)