What are the top five must haves from TDL & TDS ?


I plan to purchase five or six different titles ... which CD's are essential and should be in my collection (that are still in production) ?



The Genii

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The current single-disc Tokyo Disneyland Album is LOADED, and very good. It can be hard to find (they literally cannot press them fast enough).
But, if you want to go hog wild, the set you want to buy from the Tokyo Disney Resort is called "Treasures of Fantasy." It costs about $300 and comes in a large box with a beautiful four-color printed cover and high gloss film lamination.
It contains 10 CDs.
It contains two large format soft-cover books, each of which is about 50 pages. One is a full-color photo book which shows pictures of the attractions and gives a rundown of the tracks, the other book has lyrics.
It has, in addition to attractions, tons of show and parade music.


Which is the current TDL Official Album? They've done so many of them, I've lost track. I'm not even sure which is the most recent one that I have.


The Treasures Of Fantasy set has 11 CDs (one is a bonus CD with live performances).

After checking out that huge set, I'm guessing that parades and shows are way more popular than the rides? I want to hear more of the rides in TDL. I can tell Splash Mountain is similar to WDW, so is it exactly the same but in Japanese?

I found this site with a listing of Tokyo CDs:

The Genii

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Ah, yes, I missed the 11th disc, titled Street of Fantasy, Tokyo Disneyland Musical Walking Tour.

Regarding Splash Mountain, the tracks are totally different--different voice actors, etc.

Country Bears is in Japanese except for one or two vocals--Teddy Berra is in the original English, but almost all the others are in Japanese.

Most of Pirates and Haunted Mansion are the original English soundtracks with a few Japanese voice actors (the Ghost Host is done in Japanese). But these ride-throughs are not on the CDs. Shows that are mostly musical, like Splash Mountain, Country Bears, and Pooh's Hunny Hunt, are more likely to have lengthier tracks on the CDs.

There are, it should also be noted, more than one version of the boxed Treasures and Fantasy set. I purchased mine at the park two years ago, and saw a different, earlier set on eBay about a year ago.

Yes, the Japanese are crazy for shows and parades. They start to stake out spots along the parade routes several hours in advance.

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I liked the Mermaid Lagoon Album from TDS. A whole CD devoted to one land, whatta concept!! It's mostly area music and very very atmospheric.

Good to hear that the TDS Album is doing so well. Course you'd think in 4 years they would have done a new album in that vein. Granted they haven't been slow to churn out new albums but I prefer the attraction stuff instead of shows.