What are the Chances for HMH this year?

Landon B.

New Member
Hey guys,

I recently listened to some internet audio from Haunted Mansion Holiday and wondered if we would get a cd out of it this year.
I already know what was up with last year and that it had nothing to do with Danny Elfman like some of us thought.
I may be asking too early in the year but I would just love this to be released this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this fall.
Randy or somebody, have you heard anything at all lately about HMH's possible release? :)
Well obviously the "Unofficial" CD (rather I should say album, since its just taking the form of tracks on here is circulating. I've heard strange tales of there being a commemorative album in the works, but no one seems to know a definitive answer. Someone managed to come up with a track list that I've never even heard..Something about a walt disney speech and some other tracks...for the most part, As far as I know...its an idea that was being tossed around...Im going to DL this year specifically for HMH. I better have something to show for it (more than a t-shirt) ;D