What About Those iTunes Releases?


Randy had mentioned during the roll out of the new Sherman Brothers and Haunted Mansion CDs,, that he would be working on some new ITunes releases to debut by the end of the year. Does anyone know anything about this? It is December 4th, and no mention of them yet. I am starting to doubt that this is going to happen.

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No idea. I have noticed there are some park albums starting to appear on iTunes that I hadn't noticed before, such as Country Bear Jamboree.


I guess it might be December 8th, but Randy can correct me if I've got it wrong.

Well, I think December 8th because of the release of the "I Believe" single with Tiffani Thornton & Kermit The Frog.

I was referencing the release of more vintage recordings. Not the release of new recordings.

Me too! Hey, Randy - - We haven't seen an iTunes Disneyland/Vista catalog release since last January (WDL Sleeping Beauty)! I'm sure you are cooking up other good things but I'm starting to fret about the MIA Annette LPs and soundtracks. We need 'em all!

Hope there is some word on more classic Walt Disney era releases soon.

(In the meantime, thanks so much for the Sherman Bros. CD compilation!)


I made a guess (because Disney loves synergy), but I was incorrect in that guess. Sorry about that.

Anywho, I wanted to try and speculate why this might not happen till early next year.

I know Randy has definitely been busy with some of the great new Disney music releases we've seen this year (Sherman Brothers Songbook and the 2 Haunted Mansion releases), and he (hopefully) kept doing the restorations of the old material, etc.

One thing that I think has been holding up the iTunes releases these days has been iTunes LP, a new feature of iTunes 9, which I think WDR could really take full advantage of, especially with their catalog releases. If, say, WDR were to release an album in iTunes LP that everyone who knows anything about music (or pop culture) might recognize (I'll be predictable and use the Flashbeagle LP for sake of example), then WDR could really rake in the cash on a catalog release and rush more catalog releases out the door (especially since there's still not that much on iTunes LP), so they're prepping even more catalog releases with iTunes LP (and possibly even a few other older ones could have iTunes LPs for them as well).

Randy, feel free to correct me if I have gotten anything wrong in this (very speculative) post.

The rights holders are often so reluctant to release classic material that I would be happy with any version of iTunes so long as it is officially released -- the sooner the better. The longer the wait, the greater chance that it will never come out at all - or unfavorable conditions will cycle in and put a stop to the fun.


Sorry to steer things a little off topic here, but can anyone suggest a good way to bring up what's available from WDR in the iTunes Music Store? I appreaciate all the info about new releases here on MMF, but it'd be nice to have an easier way to get all the releases to show up when I go to the iTunes store. Thanks in advance!