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Hi there! I'm new here. I found this place while searching online to see if anyone had up-to-date information on Disney park music loops now that it's going on two years since disneymusicloops.com was updated. I'm very glad to have found it--my friends all think I'm crazy to be so obsessed with collecting park music and constructing the area loops.

As to the title of the thread? I hopped on Amazon the other day to see if I could get a decent price on some CDs for reconstructing loops. I didn't find anything to my liking for the moment, but I was highly amused to see that people who bought the Battle of the Atlantic Suite also bought things like the soundtracks to The Distinguished Gentleman, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and The American President...albums that have very little in common with each other, or with BotAS, except for being used in the Soarin' Over California queue loop! That was when I realized that I wasn't alone. ;)