Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

I have a track in my collection titled 'Epcot Center Closing Music' that runs 5'12", (128kbps / 44.1kHz for the junkies like me), attributed to Wendy Carlos. Was this just a tie-in with the movie release of TRON (1982) or part of a larger series of work Carlos did for the park?

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I remember someone putting some Tron music up on Rodentsections and saying it was used as closing music for the park. Not having first hand knowledge of that era of EPCOT Center, nor having ever heard the music from Tron, I couldn't weigh in one way or the other. I can say I've known people who are huge Epcot experts, huge Epcot music collectors, and none of them has ever said anything about any Tron music being used there. Doesn't mean it couldn't have happened, but it smells fishy.


I remember that file, I also remember having it and thinking it was fake. Can't remember any other details though.
I finally found a track listing, with times, from a site in Norway. Here it is:

1. Creation Of Tron (00:46)
2. Only Solutions (03:37)
3. We've Got Company (02:15)
4. Wormhole (02:26)
5. Ring Game And Escape (02:54)
6. Water, Music, And Tronaction (02:22)
7. Tron Scherzo (01:44)
8. Miracle And Magician (02:37)
9. Magic Landings (03:40)
10. Theme From Tron (01:31)
11. 1990's Theme (02:04)
12. Love Theme (02:04)
13. Tower Music - Let Us Pray (03:47)
14. The Light Sailer (02:36)
15. Sea Of Simulation (03:23)
16. A New Tron And The MCP (05:10)
17. Anthem (01:37)
18. Ending Titles (05:10)
19. Tronaction (Original Version) (01:26)
Bonus Track
20. Break In (For Strings, Flutes, And Celesta) (05:31)
Bonus Track
21. Anthem For Keyboard Solo (01:09)
Bonus Track

Perhaps this is track 16, "A New Tron and the MCP".
Scratch that - found a site where I could download track 16 and it's not the same.


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I recall having a track labled the same too - track 18 if I recall. No info has surfaced proving this was used in the park, and I don`t recall it from `87 or `90 either (and my video from `90 backs this up)

The first 3 minutes sound plausible, but then it dosn`t exactly sound like closing music. Unless it was used as part of a longer loop in the first year or so I call a fake.