Welcome Back!

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Welcome back, folks!

Surprise! I made an eleventh-hour decision to install IP.Board instead of vBulletin. I have been carefully studying their respective roadmaps, and for the direction I would like to go with this website, I now feel that IP.Board is the better solution. IP.Board 3.0, to be released shortly, is going to be amazing.

The good news in that no one has to go through the process of resetting their password. The bad news is that Sent Items did not make it through the conversion process. Your Inbox should be completely intact, though.

You will want to click on 'My Controls' and make sure that you've got everything set the way you want. I encourage everyone to fill in your location (City, ST), interests, and for those of you who aren't shy about such things, your date of birth. Avatars can now be 150x150 pixels, so knock yourself out! You also have the ability to upload a Personal Photo to your Profile. C'mon, show us your mug shot!

All of our old forum's topics/posts are currently located in the Archive. I will be moving them into proper categories as time permits. The category names are not written in stone. Lots of tweaks will be made as we move forward.

Artwork, logo, etc., are all coming soon.