We?ve Just Begun to Dream


Hey fellow Disney fans!

Anyone know if there?s a real recording of We?ve Just Begun to Dream from EPCOT? I found a very low quality recording at the sound of magic website (http://som.ewapps.com/epcot/epcotdream.mp3), but I haven't been able to find a good recording. I noticed in the album index that this song is listed in Illuminations 25 as being sung by the Disney Chorus...

Official Album Of Walt Disney World (1998)
Disney's Music From The Park (Walt Disney World)

This album (WDW / DL official album, 1997) the same track was listed but didn't have the chorus listed by ?We?ve Just Begun to Dream.?

I own ?Disney's Music From The Park (Walt Disney World) ? and I seriously don?t remember hearing anyone sing ?We?ve Just Begun to Dream?. I know the orchestra played a few bars of it, but that?s it. Please correct me if I?m wrong.

I would love to hear a good recording of that song with the chorus singing. Thanks so much for your help!

Have a GREAT day!

Dr. Know

The only one I know of is the old 'Epcot Rope Drop' recording (4:15) with Jack Wagner's spiel. The recording I have isn't too hot.