WDW's 20th Anniversary Theme Song



Hi everyone..... I am desperately seeking the 20th anniversary theme song of WDW. I recently go to hear a teaser of it in the finale of the Tokyo Disneyland Millenium Countdown cd (although it was mostly in Japanese). I would greatly appreciate any help that you folks can offer.

P.S. Does anyone have the lyrics to the song?



WDW 20th anniversary theme song, ?Let?s Celebrate?, has been often used at Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Parade. Actually this song was not used on Millennium Countdown Parade. (I was at TDL in millennium countdown.)
I have the videotape of TV program broadcasted in Japan for Euro Disneyland opening and WDW 20th anniversary celebration. The English song was played as back ground music on that TV program (for about only 25 seconds), but the narration in Japanese was loud and I could not understand the lyrics. (I played it 5 times and I gave up. :'() Sorry.
I want to know the lyrics, too.



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Hi all,

I remember it being very calypso-ish with the Surprise Celebration Parade. I've got the beat in my head but as for the lyrics, the best I can come up with is:

20 Magical Years
Here at Walt Disney World

Sorry I can't be of more help.



Yeah, it was called "Surprise Celebration" I have a brief recording of music from the Mickey Float but it must be a later reincarnation because references to 20 Magical Years was changed. Here are the lyrics which are probably almost identical to the 20th Anniversary version:

(Something) King
King of the Carnival!
The noble ruler of,
Our wonderful carnival!

It's Mickey,
Our venetian King!
So regal and magnificent is he!
A grand and royal sight to see!

Come celebrate with us!
Magical Carnival
Come share the beauty of,
Wondeful Carnival

A party just for you,
Where all your dreams come true
Come share the beauty of,
Wonderful Carnival!



I have just got the video including Walt Disney World 20th anniversary show and parade:

Disney Mania (20th Anniversary Version) at Castle Forecourt Stage
Disney World Is Your World (20th Anniversary Version) at Galaxy Palace Theater (that was great!)
Surprise Celebration Parade

None of them had the Walt Disney 20th Anniversary song, ?Let?s Celebrate?.
I do not know this song was used for fireworks.

If you had Tokyo Disneyland Treasures of Fantasy, you would see the title, ?Let?s Celebrate (Walt Disney World 20th Song)?, on the lyrics book and the CD jacket. I also heard English song on TV program as I mentioned above. From these two facts, I think ?Let?s Celebrate? is the 20th anniversary theme song.
(Song from Mickey?s float on Surprise Celebration is not ?Let?s Celebrate?.)

You can listen to Japanese version of Lets? Celebrate at:

Track 11 on Vol. 8 One Man?s of Dream CD (TDL Treasures of Fantasy)
Track 17 on Vol. 7 Aladdin?s Great Adventure CD (TDR TOF Dreams & Adventure)
Track 1 on TDL New Century Countdown Party CD



Yoshi, where did you get a video of the WDW 20th anniversary show & parade?

I'd like to obtain a copy.




I got the video from my friend in Japan who had visited WDW during the 20th anniversary celebration.