WDW, TDL, and DLP's Tomorrowland Loops


Ive been working on restoring a friends Tomorrowland 2055 loop he had on tape and I started thinking. What do the Other park's Tomorrowland loops sound like? Do they all use old Disney Attraction music or are they all like DL's current loop which has selections from the Rocketeer and other films?

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Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland has two music loops: the main one was composed by Canadian David Tolley specifically for the Park, and plays everywhere but around Space Mountain. The best way I've found to describe it is futuristic circus music... really neat stuff.

The other loop is only about half an hour in run time and is commerically released stuff... I don't have the playlist in front of me (it may have been posted here in the past), but it has a lot of Williams and Horner. Music from Always, Krull and the Rocketeer comes to mind...



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And Tokyo Disneyland's is the same as the WDW and Disneyland (not Tomorrowland 2055) ones as far as I know. I think they still use it, but my list is as of 1996, so it could have changed, but I doubt it.

Tomorrowland Area Music:
1. Bubble Shuffle
2. Night Fire Dance ? (Down to the Moon / Andreas Vollenweider CD)
3. The Place ? (Island / David Arkenstone with Andrew White CD)
4. Summer?s Day
5. Windswept ? (Whatever Works / John Jarvis CD)
6. Inside the Sky ? (Inside the Sky / Steve Haun CD)
7. Sea Space
8. Fire Rituals ? (Between Two Worlds / Patrick O?Hearn CD)
9. Behind the Waterfall ? (Natural States / David Lanz & Paul Speer CD)
10. Generation
11. Elsewhere ? (Direct / Vangelis CD)
12. Hidden Pathways ? (Hidden Pathways / Bruce Mitchell CD)
13. Moon Dance ? (Down to the Moon / Andreas Vollenweider CD)
14. Fairy Doll
15. Valley in the Clouds ? (Valley in the Clouds / David Arkenstone CD)
16. Homeward Bound ? (River Gonna Rise / Patrick O?Hearn CD)
17. The Motion of Stars ? (Direct / Vangelis CD)
18. Best of Both Worlds ? (So Fa So Good / John Jarvis CD)
19. Dancing With the Lion ? (Dancing With the Lion / Andreas Vollenweider CD)
20. Dial Out ? (Direct / Vangelis CD)
21. The Philosopher
22. Sky Juice ? (Between Two Worlds / Patrick O?Hearn CD)
23. The Wanderer
24. Awe ? (Direct / Vangelis CD)
25. Unusual Climate ? (Ancient Dreams / Patrick O?Hearn CD)



here's the Space Mountain loop list from Paris:

1. "The Discovery" from Christopher Columbus - The Discovery (Cliff Eidelmann)
2. "Love Theme" from Krull (James Horner)
3. "Ride of the Firemares" from Krull (James Horner)
4. Space Mountain Theme (Steve Bramson)
5. "Shooting Stars" (Steve Bramson)
6. "The Great Sea" from Christopher Columbus - The Discovery (Cliff Eidelmann)
7. "The Flying Circus" from The Rocketeer (James Horner)
8. Theme from Always (John Williams)
9. "Epilog" from Krull (James Horner)
10. The Rocketeer End Titles (James Horner)

btw, Jason, I remember you once mentioned that the David Tolley loop was called "Discoveryland Fountain" loop.. Where did you get that from? just wondering..

Yep, "Discoveryland Fountain Loop" is correct. Russell Brower told me that a few years back when I asked him about that music loop.


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Just a small correction, in that DL's Tomorrowland has no other area music than Tomorrowland 2055 (commonly known as the Bathroom music) and the Observatron pieces, one of which plays every 15 minutes. That's it. Nothing else. Bright happy world of the future.

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X-S: Could you remind us what the Observatron pieces are?

S8ntmark: If you do manage to get that tape restored, could you possibly make available some of the rarer pieces?

Many thanks :)

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Yes innoventions is actually quite a nice loop, and is audible in a good portion of Tomorrowland. Oh and I like that you can hear the Honey I Shrunk Queue Loop in the outdoor dining for Pizza Port. Actually if we still had the sounds of the Rocket Rods beeping and Zooming around, with the Splash of Cosmic Waves, It would be fine, but without these, the Tomorrowland Audio Landscape is a little bare.
Correct me if I'm wrong. The Observatron tracks are:
-a Rocketeer medley (a short edit of the Flying Circus track I believe
-DLP's Space Mountain onboard score (also edited)
-Iron Will (I believe the Main Title)
The Timekeeper theme also plays from the Observatron. (Oddly enough, the Timekeeper theme is played in *two* locations in Tomorrowland--Observatron and Space Mountain concourse--without the attraction ever being at Disneyland!)

All the Observatron cuts are edited (I think to about a minute, but that's a guess) with some "Observatron start-up" sounds added in (something like a helicopter starting up).



NOw that DL's Tomorrowland is so quite and there probably wont be any Rocket Rod type sounds to worry about in the near future, why cant Disney just use the TL2055 loop as the "New" Tomorrowland's area loop? Is it really so TL2055 specific that it cant be utilized? I doubt it, it might actually be nice to have the area alive with some sort of music or even space port sounds, part of the lands problems is its quiet ghost town silence.

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X-S: You mentioned the Honey I Shrunk the Audience Queue loop...
What does that consist of? Is it just a loop of Bruce Broughton's Imagination Institute theme? ???

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Yes Dr Know, it's just the Imagination Institute theme but it's a great loop and makes that otherwise uninteresting area quite nice. Hey has there ever been any talk (rumor or otherwise) about bringing a version of the new Journey into Your Imagination to DL? I think it would be a really cool attraction and would fit great in all the space by Honey. They could use the Peoplemover track area and the starcade and upper concourse of Space mountain queue. I know noone really goes crazy for this attraction in it's current form, but even the pre figment version was a nice little show with some interesting effects. With as thin as our Tomorrowland is it would be a logical, fairly cheap addition.


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Everyone here talks about what music is being played at tomorrowland, however, where do you people actually obtain the music? Do you just want to know just to know or are you actually getting the music. I hope someone can answer this question. I've tried kazaa, but there is practically nothing.