WDW Splash Mountain




How Do You Do?

Everybody Has A Laughing Place


Sooner or Later

Let The Rain Pour Down

Song of the South

That's What Uncle Remus Said

Who Wants To Live Like That?

All I Want

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

The Ants Go Marching One by One


Camptown Races

Shortnin' Bread

Skip To My Lou

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But this is incomplete right? There were several more tracks released on WDWForever that are not on this list.


Remember that several of the tracks that were included on Walt Disney World Forever were actually from Disneyland, including all versions of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah", "Laughin' Place" and "How Do You Do?"


Many of the tracks on Walt Disney World Forever listed as Splash Mountain were actually from the Disneyland attraction, and NOT the Magic Kingdom attraction. Disneyland's attraction is in Critter Country and uses a dixeland-style band with horns and such. Magic Kingdom's Splash Mountain, located in Frontierland, uses lots of banjos and harmonicas.

I assume that the use of the Disneyland Splash Mountain music on Walt Disney World Forever was to cut into production costs. I figure they thought no one would notice. I'm not sure exactly which tracks on Walt Disney World Forever actually DID play at Magic Kingdom, but I can assure you that all of the attraction related stuff (heard during the ride) did not. perhaps the queue music is authentic, though. I didn't buy these when the kiosks were still up and running.

Any thoughts?
I would have really stocked up on WDWF Splash Mountain stuff - if it was the right material! The harmonica/banjo/*cough* actual *cough* versions of "Laughin' Place" or "How do you do?" were nowhere to be found... :-


What's really intresting is that they used Disneyland Splash Mountain queue music, but they went ahead and re-did the actual ride soundtrack. I personally like the two versions being different, but if they were worried about production costs, you'd think they would have reused the Disneyland soundtrack. By the way, which version plays at Tokyo Disneyland?

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You may have given them too much credit when you say that they used DL's versions on purpose and just figured nobody would know. I suspect most of the time THEY didn't know the difference.


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And, as far as the actual ride goes, Tokyo Disneyland's Splash Mountain uses the WDW version's soundtrack. They were both constructed at the same time to share costs. So the ride interiors are the same too.

I kind of like the Disneyland version a little better since it's closer to the movie's roots. Although WDW and TDL's soundtracks are fun too.


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Let me correct part of that. The ride interiors for WDW and TDL are mostly the same. I think there are subtle differences between them, but the overall feeling is the same.


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Ahem....especially the fact that most of TDL's Splash Mountain dialog is in Japanese . And I bet they don't have "please stay seated and keep your hands and arms inside your boat at all times" warning spiels in Spanish, either .


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I know some of you posted queue music of splash from the mk, but u didn't put all of it. I was wondering if any of you knew what the correct order was for the following songs from MK's splash and not DL's.

you are my sunshine
tom dooley
tennessee waltz
swing low sweet chariot
st. james infirmary
skip to my lou
sixteen tons
show me the way to go home
shoo fly dont bother me
polly wolly doodle
old mill stream 2
old mill stream 1
old kentucky home
goodnight ladies
goober peas
down by the riverside
deep river blues
blue ridge mountain blues
blue moon of kentucky no. 1
up a lazy river
john henry
alabamy bound
jailhouse blues
oh susannah
when johnny comes marching home
when the saints go marchin' in
camptown races
freight train blues
honey comb
froggy went a courtin'
wabash cannon ball
salty dog
ol' macdonald
i've been working on the railroad
shortenin' bread
little brown jug
how do you do?
song of the south
who wants to live?
what uncle remus said
carriage ride
sooner or later
let the rain pour down
all i want
laughing place

can someone post the times these are too from the MK tracks not dl or tdl.

does anyone know where i can download the following tracks cause i cant find them either.

how do you do? (wdw track)
song of the south (wdw track)
who wants to live? (wdw track)
what uncle remus said (wdw track)
carriage ride (wdw track)
sooner or later (wdw track)
let the rain pour down (wdw track)
all i want (wdw track)
laughing place (wdw track)


Those tracks might be avaliable on project Disney. If I'm not mistaken, they are also played at Disneyland in Critter Country.