WDW - Splash Mountain /Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Playlists


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I think I have finally managed to identify the current playlist for both the Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain BGM's from WDW.

Splash Mountain [26 Total Tracks / 16 WDWF Tracks **]

01 - Little Brown Jug **
02 - Shortenin' Bread **
03 - Polly Wolly Doodle **
04 - Froggy Went A Courtin' **
05 - Shoo Fly (Don't Bother Me) **
06 - Goober Peas **
07 - How Do You Do
08 - Let the Rain Pour Down
09 - Laughing Place
10 - Song of the South
11 - Camptown Races **
12 - Dixie
13 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot **
14 - When Johnny Comes Marching Home **
15 - That's What Uncle Remus Said
16 - Sooner or Later
17 - Who Wants to Live
18 - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
19 - Coming 'Round the Mountain
20 - Ol' MacDonald **
21 - Skip To My Lou **
22 - Freight Train Blues **
23 - Wabash Cannon Ball **
24 - St. James Infirmary **
25 - Tennessee Waltz **
26 - Show Me the Way (To Go Home) **

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad [14 Total Tracks / 5 WDWF Tracks **]

01 - West of the Wide Missouri
02 - All Aboard the Mine Train
03 - California Gold
04 - Rock Candy Mountain (Piano)
05 - Saloon Willy (Piano)
06 - Old Yeller
07 - Pecos Bill **
08 - Old Betsy **
09 - Tavern in the Town (Piano)
10 - Roamin' the Lawless West **
11 - Buffalo Girls **
12 - Rock Candy Mountain **
13 - Hand Me Down My Walking Cane [?] (Piano)
14 - There's No Place (Like Home) (Piano)

Would anyone happen to know the source of the songs identified as "Piano?"


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Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question. However, I noticed that many of the Splash Mountain tracks that were available via WDW Forever aren't on your list. When were they taken away from the loop?


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I don't believe most of the WDWF tracks were ever part of the BGM. I was actually suprised to find that 16 of the tracks were WDWF tracks.

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If the WDWF tracks weren't, in fact, played at WDW, where were they played? DL's Critter Country?

One wonders why they didn't just end up on those kiosks instead.

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TDL's and WDW's Splash Mountain loops share a lot of the same tracks, though tehy aren't identical. Disneyland's on the other hand uses totally different music tracks from WDW (not sure if TDL has any DL tracks). But tracks from one park mistakenly ending up on the wrong coast's kiosks happened a lot. Most (if not all?) of the Big Thunder tracks from DLF never played at Disneyland. Same with the Columbia Sailing Ship music I believe. From what I hear the music archives at WDI are notoriously unorganized and very little exists inthe way of documentation for what plays where, when and for how long. Without someone who knows exactly what they are listening to, relying on WDI's labels might lead to a bit of confusion.


Well and, based on the big document that came along with the DLF project, DLF used what it could from old song files not restricted from release rights by later union rules and when WDW made their forever system they sprung on release rights to many newer things, so stuff you'd have expected on DLF's couldn't have been there.

And yeah, I was gonna say I think at least one of the WDW tracks has been released in cd quality on a tokyo cd but it may just be a partial song.


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Two tracks from the BTM BGM have been released on a Tokyo official CD (Treasures of Fantasy) - West of the Wide Missouri and California Gold.

It's the tracks labeled "Piano" that I would like to find the source of.