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Hey there,

I have just spent the last hour slogging through various old threads regarding the Space Mountain queue tracks at WDW, and I'm still a little confused.

Here is my current understanding -- probably somewhat erroneous -- concerning what currently plays at Space Mountain.

(1) Entrance Music (4:04)
Is this an instrumental version of We've Come So Far, composed by George Wilkins? Or is it something else composed by Buddy Baker. I'm confused here.
(2) WEDway tunnel (4:43)
Is this the second loop heard in the queue?
(3) Space Warp sound effects (3:25)
Where is this played?
(4) Space Mountain Com Chat (5:25)
Is this even from WDW, or is it from DL? Pardon my ignorance!
(5) Space Mountain pre-launch (1:45)
Includes some comchat, starting with "T minus 5 minutes"
(6) Space Mountain exit: Music Makers (Esquivel)
Is the instrumental opening of this piece also played in the speed ramp exit?
(7) Space Mountain exit: Sentimental Journey (Esquivel)

Can anyone enlighten me further? Am I missing anything else?

Thanks for your help!!


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Here you go James. I found this that I had copied from an old post. It's a bit fragmented but theres lots of good info here.

........Most of the Space Mpuntain music that was released on the WDW Forever system (entry, exit.etc.) was done for the 1985 redo of the attraction.....the replaced the RCA Home of Future Living portion with The RCA-1 Colony vignettes. This also brought in the new music (on the WDW Forever). It is called "We've Come So Far" and was composed by George Wilkins, with the words by Larry Gertz. Sadly the actual "colony" music was never relesed nor the song.........

"........We've come so far, yet there's very far to go.....we've wtached our dreams become reality......we have tasted what the future holds in store for us......and realize that we hold the keys......." anyway........it's lyrics are hard to apply to the entry /exi versions.....but it is beautiful music........

The Space Mt, SFX used at WDW and DL are the same ones recorded back in the mid part of 1974. The comlink.and "bubble tones" are also part of the 1974 theme.

It would have been exciting if WDW Forever had added more of the 1975 stuff like some of the Home of Future Living etc.... or the original attraction welcome spiel:

" Come with us on a journey into space and the world of Future living".......

and many people call the original music "Here's to the Future"...but infact is called "Let Your Dreams Lead the way"..........in the final version it was "RCA Leads the Way"

WDW Space Mountain 01-15-1975

1) Entry/space station ramp: "RCA Leads the Way"
2) Zig-Zag corridor: "bubble music" "Comlink" "5 space scene window voice-overs 3-male 2-female

sample:"....sweeping through outer space, in the great gap between Mars and Jupiter, in a solar orbit, gigantic tumbling boulders, mini-planets, tracked by precise instrumentation developed by RCA abord explorer ships, scan and anyalize space debris...."

3) que-and loading: "preshow film;female flight director and Gordon Cooper"

sample:"....in case you're wondering what the rocket ride thru space is all about, here comes astronaught Gordon Cooper......Well how was your Ride astronaaut Cooper?.."
"gereral Space astmospere and sfx"
4) Alpha & Omega loading; " safety spiel" "Dispatch spiel"
5) pre-launch; " strobe sfx a' "Lift off spiel"
6)Interior attraction "General space atmosphere and sfx"
7) touch-down: "Saftely spiel"
disembark: "exit spiel"
9) Speedramp/House of Future Living: "RCS Leads the Way" #1
House Scene 1 -outdoor patio
(father, business meeting via briefcase tv)
House Scene 2 -nursery
(baby in crib,monitor by toy clown camera)
House scene 3 -Family room
(female taking pottery lessons via TV)
teacher;'I'm affraid you've made your handle
to small for that size pitcher..."
House Scene 4 -Recreation Room
(boy simulated snow skiing on "Selecta-Vision"
House Scene 5 -House entry
(small boy trying to bring frog inside:female
....speeks from inside on camera...'Don't you like frogs Mrs Brown?......Sorry Billy your Dog and that frog will have to wait outside."
House Scene 6 -Kitchen
(mother and neighbor home shop on TV)
dishset shown on screen.'if you's like to
order this set in red press 1, in blue press
2....'in corner of srceen, Billy is still trying to
get into the house"
House Scene 7 -Girls bedroom
House Scene 8 -Home enetrtainment center
(felamle and boy watch football on huge wall
sized TV)
10)exit speedramp up 'RCA Leads the way" #2

There was also a version instrumental of RCA Leads the way" for passengets of the WEDWAY Peoplemover, who also got a glimpse of the Space Mt. and the Home.

Space Mountain and the RCA Home of Future Living"

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