WDW Song archive?



It would seem to be gone for good I would think. If you go back to the home page (home.cfl.rr.com), it lists all of the current member pages....and I haven't found anything that is even similar to wdwsongarchive.

I could be mistaken though (I hope I am!)


Hi, everybody.

Nothing ever really disappears from the internet.

Go to www.archive.org . This the home of the INTERNET ARCHIVE project.

When you get there, look for the text box next to the WAYBACK MACHINE logo [it is about a quarter down the center of the page, but should be visibile without scrolling. Type in the WDW Song Archives web address.
http://home.cfl.rr.com/wdwsongarchive/ . It should bring up five seperate times that the site was archived. The latest is June 2003.

Click on it, and it should take you to a store copy of the site from that date. Unfortunately, some of the links may not work if their webbot didn't drill down deep enough on the site. I did a quick test, and much of it seems to be there.

Of course, since it is a dead site, I would not expect any updates for now, it is essentially frozen in time,

adrian [adimike]


BTW, this works for a lot of sites, though media links might not work. Try your favorite link for fun.