WDW "Sadie Mae" Carousel Organ on iTunes


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I enjoy fiddling with iTunes's search functions and stumbling across obscure-but-wonderful jazz, ska and orchestral versions of Disney Songs. New music usually gets listed on Tuesdays, and here's an album I never heard of before:

"Sadie Mae" Disney World Carousel Organ"

Anyone know if this is actually found at WDW? Definitely not from MK's carousel - This is a genuine old carousel organ playing non-Disney tunes such as "Beer Barrel Polka" and "My Blue Heaven." Great stuff for carousel fans, but the album art doesn't mention Disney World at all.

And, apparently, whatever genius at Apple was categorizing new releases that day decided that antique carousel organs are "New Age." ::)

Anyone got some light to shed on this? Thanks!

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Could they be the Original Band Organ tracks that were further enhanced for the America on Parade parade? The Band Organ used was called Sadie Mae.


More about Sadie Mae, from http://www.bandorganmusic.com/DVD.htm

"Memories of the Gay 90's Village"

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Part 1 taken from a 16MM color print of a television show called "Perceptions" from 1970. The host is Dick Bertel. This was filmed at the Eastern Expo out on the east coast. This color segment features Paul Eakins being interviewed about when he first started to collect automatic music machines. Paul shows his favorite organ, "Sadie Mae", a Military Trumpet Organ in action, playing songs and showing how the machine operated using the cardboard books of music. There are some great close ups of the machine while it is playing. We are given the history of the machine, where it was used at and how long it took to restore her. We are also given the history of the "Gypsy Queen" and "The Emperor" although they are not shown. The next segment shows Paul and his arcade machine collection that he also took to the fairs with him. Machines shown are Grandma's Fortune, a Mutoscope, a couple of old Exhibit Supply Co. machines, the License for Any Old Thing and Your Future Bride, a stereoviewer with American Scenes, and the rare Sister Patricia (Madam Zita) automated fortune machine.

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Part 3 contains an interview from 1965 done for a TV program called "TODAY WITH PEG". This was done at the Mid South State Fair in Memphis, Tennessee. Paul is interviewed about his collection and the machines he brought to the fair.

Part 4 contains beautiful color footage from a mid 1960's 16mm color reel featuring Paul Eakins operating "THE EMPEROR" , a large Belgian Dance organ. The front is shown while playing and then shows the back working also. Three nice songs are played in this segment.

Part 5 comes from the late Jack Wagner, the voice of Disney World and Disneyland. The Disney Company hired Paul to record the music for the1975-1976 Bicentennial Parade for the two theme parks. Loudmouth Sadie Mae was chosen and she was taken to Nashville, Tennessee to be recorded for the project. Songs include 2 versions of "In The Good Old Summertime", "God Bless America", and "Battle Hymn of the Republic". This segment features great close ups of the machines in action.



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Hi All,
I have the Sadie Mae of St. Louis Cd out. My grandfather owned Sadie Mae before he sold it to Disneyworld, with most of his collection. The CD just recently went up on Itunes and I hope everyone checks it out. Sadie Mae was sold a few years ago and is in the hands of the private collector in Pennsylvania. I also have tons of music from Big Bertha, which is at the Grand Floridian, that I plan on re-releasing. Please check out my website for some great pictures of Sadie Mae and other instruments that were bought by Disneyworld. My website is WWW.BANDORGANMUSIC.COM. Email me if you have any questions....my email is CARLY@SEMO.NET :)


Well, Kazombie; it seems I did promote your site just with the post before yours! :D

Aren't people from the Old Europe nice... wometimes?! ;)

So... it's Big Bertha (That name has a bad connection for people who's experienced WW I here, btw!) at the Grand Floridian! My memory's falty!

Memories.... light the corners of.... Sorry!