WDW On Travel Channel


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Hi Pals, I just found out and I did not see it mentioned but on the Travel Channel tonight (Friday May 10th) there is a special on Walt Disney World. It is on now but will be repeated at 12 midnight EST.


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Since you brought it up, I'm sorry I didn't mention it earlier. the Travel Channel has had a weeklong "show" based on Great Family Vacations. To be honest, I didn't watch the WDW one...was never home at the right time and I don't know how to program our VCR (I'm not that much of a spaz...it's just that we're newlyweds and it's "his" VCR ). However I was able to see the DLP show earlier this week and it was VERY well done. I believe it's being rebroadcast (for the last time) today (Saturday) at noon.



Did anyone happen to record this show and/or the other ones Sharon mentioned, and would be willing to share them with me? We don't get the travel channel and I was going to record them at my mother's but their VCR wasn't working right so I missed them. I think besides the one on WDW and DLP there was supposed to be ones on Busch Gardens and Universal. Anyhow if someone has them to share I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!