WDW Official Album 2004 and a bit more.

Yep, I?ve gone and broken one of my own rules yet again. Below you will find the playlist for the 2004 edition of the WDW Official Album.

Though I had planned to include even more material (like the current EPCOT Entrance Medley, One Little Spark, The Wonders of China, and so many more) but I ran out of disc space. You may even notice one of the classics is missing ? It?s a Small World. Seeing that the attraction will not be back in operation until I have the next version of the Official Album done, I decided to use that time for something new. You will also note, that everyone?s favorite sing-along track is also absent ? Test Track.

Now that I will have 2 whole discs to fill up next year, I?ll try to get the titles you?ve been requesting for some time ? as I still read all your posts and have kept up with what you want.

The album should be in the stores in a couple of weeks. I?d tell you the exact date, but these park albums do not run on the same schedule as our other releases. But I have included the product number if that could be of any help.

Walt Disney World Official Album for 2004 (61158)

1. All Aboard :)28) ? Main Street Station
2. Welcome Medley (3:34) ? Main Street
3. Friend Like Me (2:42) ? The Tiki Room ? Under New Management
4. Yo Ho (A Pirate?s Life For Me) (4:45) ? Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Bear Band Serenade (1:46) ? Country Bear Jamboree
6. Splash Mountain Medley (7:57) ? Splash Mountain
7. Grim Grinning Ghosts (5:38) ? The Haunted Mansion
8. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (4:14) ? The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
9. Destiny (3:43) ? Mission Space
10. Impressions de France (9;53) ? Impressions de France
11. Golden Dream (3:50) ? The American Adventure
12. Star Tours (4:07) ? Star Tours
13. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (1:43) ? Tower of Terror
14. Playhouse Disney Theme :)41) ? Playhouse Disney Live On Stage
15. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular (8:50) ? Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
16. Beauty and the Bees (Beauty and the Beast) (2:19) ? It?s Tough to Be a bug
17. It?s Tough to Be a Bug :)48) ? It?s Tough to Be a Bug
18. Cinderella?s Surprise Celebration (9:08) ? Cinderella?s Castle


Just is case you may be wondering, it is true that I am creating a 6 Disc Boxed set for Disneyland?s 50th (Don?t even think of asking me for the playlist, ?cause I ain?t tellin?), and a 40th Anniversary Special Edition Soundtrack for Walt?s Masterpiece ?Mary Poppins?. All I?ll say is that the soundtrack is disc one and runs 79:48, and the second disc (also running 79:21) is full of incredible stuff. Richard Sherman came by the office and we sat and listened to the entire soundtrack. Though we?ve been friends for years now, it?s still a thrill to do something so special for he and his brother. Even more thrilling is actually blowing them away with what I?ve put together. Richard was so happy with the soundtrack that I found myself walking around the office with a huge smile on my face ? a rarity, believe me!

There is also the matter of Walt Disney Records? 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle coming in 2005. But that?s for another post.

In all, good things ahead! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new WDW Album!

Randy Thornton

X-S Tech

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Thanks Randy! Let me preempt any complaints about the New OA that will inevitably roll in saying in essence that you haven't pleased all of the people all of the time! There is always stuff that we will continue to want and we all understand that the basic format of a single CD OA limits the possibility of including everything. Needless to say we are all looking forward to this release as well as the DL 50th set, and your continued work on the Wonderland Music kiosks. Thanks again!


Thank you so much, Mr. Thorton! I am really glad you included the MK welcome medley.

By the way, are there any plans to release "Kiss Goodnight" from the night time ceremony in MK?

Also, I have looked for years to find a CLEAN copy of the "Remember the Magic Finale" from "Fantasy in the Sky" during the 25 anniversary, but I have had no luck. Would there be any way I could special order a copy? I hope this request isn?t too forward, but when a person holds the key to another's happiness and peace of mind, it can?t hurt to ask.

Thanks so much for all you have done for us Disney music fans! Keep up the good work!

Rick McKee

PS: When is the 2004 album going to be released?
Thanks for the info and for all the work you do for us. I havent been to WDW for 4 years now and it might be awhile before I get back. The CDs you put together help put me in a disney mood and keep my memories fresh when I cant get to the parks.
Happy dance...

I salute you, sir. You are both a gentleman and a scholar.

I very much look forward to what you'll be able to do with two discs. I know it must be a pain for you to weed out all EPCOT music to just three tracks. And a bold move not to include Small World! Just from making my own mix CD's I know the pain of cutting tracks you want to put on. It's great to see that they're giving you more of a free hand to do what you like and we'll reap the benefits.

While many may feel bad seeing their old favorites missing out, the great rotation of new material into the fold keeps things fresh. For those of us who know we're going to buy *every* year's release, the infusion of new material is a great thing.

And no Test Track medley. Huzzah!


Thank you!! That looks like a great track list - I'll definitely have to get my hands on that CD when it comes out! :)

I was curious about a couple of tracks though - the Indy track - is that area music? Or is it the musical cues from the show? Similarly, I know Cinderella's Surprise Celebration runs about 17 min as it is performed, so is this track just the musical numbers from the show?


Jessica L

I LOVE you Mr. Thornton!!! No Test Track Medley = one happy fan!! ;D


Dr. Know

Three cheers! Some very refreshing changes -- I hope I'll be able to buy the new cd when I am at WDW in a few weeks.

I was actually wondering whether Small World would be excluded, given the refurbishment project. I'm glad you took the opportunity to include so much new material.

I am also looking forward to the expanded 2005 edition. It will be great to have more EPCOT music, especially with the arrival of Soarin'. Thanks for listening to the fans!

Impressions de France -- a personal favorite as I have the score almost memorized and a treat to hear Buddy Baker's arrangements. Debussy, Offenbach, Saint-Saens, Ravel, Dukas, et al.; it's nice to see some classical composers make the cut. (Also, IMHO, the Palais du Cinema, in addition to HOP, is the best place for an afternoon snooze.) I'll be curious to see how Randy works additional World Showcase items into the 2-disc 2005 OA.


Another great compilation from Randy! This is a near-perfect mix. Can't wait to see what you can do when you are finally handed a two-disc format to work with.

As always, everyone go support Randy and Disney for such great releases and buy the damn thing!


All I can say is:
1. WOW

The line-up of the OA 2004 looks incredible. A really nice mix of new material and standard content. I for one will not miss the Test Track track at all and with the arrival of Mission Space I doubt many of the normal park guests will actually expect it anymore.

Cutting out IASW certainly was a brave decision - but at least from a fan's point of view absolutely worth it if I see what great material you brought as instead which we did not get before.

I'm already excited about next year's 2-CD OA, and the Disneyland CD-set, and this year's Marry Poppins 2-CD release, and ... well it seems they finally allowed yout to really please the fans :D

But right now I have to get my order out for the new 2004 OA - and hope everybody else does too to let WDW know we want more!


P.S.: hopefully DLRP will let you create an OA for them too soon


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Randy, I don't know how much pull you have in this area, but is it possible to get the WDW OA on iTunes? I would love to be able to get some of the park CDs on the iTMS.


Instead of trying to put the best music of 4 theme parks onto 1 (or 2) CD(s), would it be better if there were 4 separate CDs (one for EACH of the parks)?
It could be like the videos that used to be available (A Day at the Magic Kingdom, A Day at Epcot, A Day at the Disney/MGM Studios)

I think all of us would love to get one CD for each park ... but as you mentioned the videos: are we seeing a return to this policy?? They released a "Magic Kingdom - Where the Magic Lives" DVD this year as far as I understand which features only MK (again as far as I know not having been to WDW since the release). Might this be a test wether single park DVDs would sell? I hope so. Unfortunately the name and the cover art make it look very, very similar to the 2002 (or 2003??) release of the resort DVD (of terrible quality by the way) so this might not have been the best idea.



Does anybody have ANY idea when this album will be released? Actual date or general time? Thanks.


Dr. Know


At the beginning of this thread, in Randy's message dated June 29, he stated that the disc should be in stores in a couple of weeks.

Okay; I'll bite. What's wrong with the CBJ 'Bear Band Serenade' track? And, which OA? 2001 Import?