WDW New Fantasyland Music


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Has anyone had a chance to experience New Fantasyland's area music?

Is the music in Be Our Guest directly from Beauty and the Beast or is it redone?

Is the any outdoor area music across New Fantasyland?

Is the "singing" parts in The Little Mermaid Ariel's Undersea Adventure directly from the movie or redone for the attraction? What plays in the queue?
It must have been redone... I know some of it has the musical extensions/alterations heard in the stage musical, like the additional song "Me."


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I just came back from WDW. There are new instrumental versions of Beauty and the Beast songs (including some from the stage musical) playing in the appropriate areas, and I think the music from the Mermaid area may be newly-recorded as well.
The one that really impressed me was that the new bathroom/resting area opposite Peter Pan is Tangled-themed, including its own medieval-style music loop that plays nowhere else. They didn't have to do that, but they did. I recorded a little of that on my phone. I haven't figured out if it's needle-drop but I don't think so. It did include the Kingdom Dance music from the film soundtrack (I think that one was a new arrangement too) but I didn't recognize anything else.


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Is there outdoor area music in New Fantasyland? I don't recall hearing any the couple times that I was there.


Maybe depends on where you're standing, I can recall hearing music outside the restrooms kinda by Gaston's Tavern. I think there's also music playing in the exterior queue for the Belle meet-and-greet.