WDW Music Help


I have a few questions:

1). Does anyone know who the do wop group is that sings "In The Still Of The Night" in the Tiki Room UNM show?

2). Does anyone know anything about the origins of the german yodeling music heard throughout Fantasyland?

Any help would be appreciated.

One more thing on the yodels: They were played in Florida first at the Skyway to Tomorrowland terminal (in Fantasyland). When the Skyway was taken down, the tracks were relegated to the speakers between Peter Pan's Flight and the Harbour House.


I think I may have been able to answer my own question about the Fantasyland Area Music. There was a 78 record released by the Swiss Family Fraunfelder who did the yodeling for the Seven Dwarves in the original Snow White movie and it's probably from that. There is an autographed copy of it for sale on Ebay currently if anyone is interested. If someone from here does get it and can digitize it please let me know. I would buy it myself but I don't think I have a record player that plays 78's if at all and now way to transfer. Thanks for your help