"WDW Music Evokes Wierd Memories" Says Nerd

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So it's raining last week and I had to do a lot of driving. So I pop a WDWForever CD into the old player. I was in the best mood. The various Space Mountain selections ("We've Come so Far") to me are just the perfect music for a cold rainy day. I don't know why but they make me think of Disney World in it's heyday more than just about any other piece. Now a couple of important things to consider:

1)I've never been to WDW in it's heyday. My first trip was 1992 and I skipped EPCOT for an extra half day at MGM. Stupid I know but I was young and foolish.
2)I don't think I've ever spent a trip at WDW where it's rained for more than an hour for the entire trip. So my association of Rain and WDW should be minimal.

Anyway I started thinking back and there are some pieces of music that just evoke not only specific memories but also more vague associations like times of day and even the weather. The Space Mountain Entrance music makes me think, rain, dusk, and candlelit dinners at the Contemporary Resort. I don't know what it is. Also makes me think of the 70's though I know this music came in mid 80's. The Rain and dusk associations could be construed as unhappy images but actually for some reason they are good in this context. Whereas DL has always been a single day experience with me (living in OC), WDW is more of a multi day thing. So rain and the end of the day don't mean canceling plans and going home, they mean at the worst going to your Disney Hotel to watch the Resort TV Station or admire the day's souvenirs- or just pulling your collar up and toughing it out on shorter lines. I'm kinda ramblin' cause this is all such ephemeral stuff. The images this music makes me think of are so strong but kinda like a dream as there's no real reasoning behind it.

Obviously we all have music that makes us remember things. The first place we heard it or whatever, but does anyone else have these wierd associations?

Dr. Know

Hey Eric,

From one nerd to another... I know exactly where you are coming from, and I think the kinds of responses you describe are exactly what leads so many of us to cherish the music of the Disney parks. I don't have any "weird" associations to report, but I do find that the park music triggers many fond memories of good times had at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Thanks for your observations!


I don't know about weird memories, but everytime I think about the TTA and Space Mountain I think about this one day where I went with a couple friends to the MK. I believe it was the last day Mr. Toad was open and the Skyway was still open also. There were little or no lines for most everything that day so we rode nearly everything (some 2 times), but most of the day was on the TTA and Space Mountain, we must have rode each at least 7 times.

That was actually the first time I went on a roller coaster, and I remember the queue being "weird" and new area for me. Overall it was a awesome day, and I remember the park even closing early (still during the daylight, but right before dark). That was also the first time I went on the Haunted Mansion and knowing the ghost host narration thanks to a recording of the record on the internet (before that I had no idea that full ride audio was outside of the park).
Those WDW Forever Space Mountain Tracks give me those same Idealized feelings and moods.......they also remind me of the mist and smell that was created from the water pouring down the giant Tomorrowland entry pylons..........Liberty Square also always makes me think of early WDW..........

Do you know why those fountains were turned off? They were a part of the experience. The hub is still not the same without them. And while we're on the subject, why were they removed entirely?
I think we all have some strong emotional ties to music played in the parks. For me, 'Bubble Shuffle' will always place me in WDW Tomorrowland just as the park is set to close after a long summer's day. I can almost feel the humidity in the air and the smell what can only be described as WDW at night after the cleaning crews have finished their street sweeping. Tracks from the Living Sea also have strong memories as does the Innoventions Loop from Epcot. And while these might not seem weird to some, they're some of the strongest memories I have -- and the music plays an essential part.
As far as I know, in the mid 80's when they enhanced the color palate of the '75 TOMORROWLAND, and the mossaic tiles added to the pylons and the entry "shields" , I think the fountains went off. When the NEW TOMORROWLAND for WDW was geing designed I remember seeing concepts with equivelent pylons but with the retro 20's/30's feel. One version even had double pylons resembling the Golden Gate Bridge! The designers decided to get rid of the symetrical look of the entry, and I think that's when the pylons got the axe. That whole land, even being a themepark was great design.......