WDW Mickey's BirthdayLand Train Music

Tim, the song you're referring to was the welcoming song for Mickey's Birthdayland, which is now Mickey's ToonTown Fair, at WDW. "Mickey's Birthdayland Express" was played on the WDW Railroad train between the Frontierland and (now) ToonTown Fair stations, as you approached Mickey's Birthdayland. It was a very catchy tune... I remember it, too, and I don't even have a recording of it.

does anyone? :)

- Mike

Mickey's BirthdayLand Train Music
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You are right on about the music being played between Frontierland and Mickey's Birthdayland. That's where my parents' "incident" occurred.

Allow me to share my Disney Moment (for all those who want a good chuckle):

My mother, father, and younger sister and brother (I know, a natural "MFSB" if there ever was) were all on the train after 11 p.m. back in the summer of 1990. We had just watched the Main Street Electrical Parade finish in Frontierland, and we got on the train at the Frontierland station to head to Main Street. As we got on the train, my mother laid her portable cane/chair on the floor. She has had a severe back condition for most of her life, so she had to have it with her, especially for queu lines. The cane/chair was a walking cane that would unfold into a tripod seat.

Anyway, as the train made its way to Mickey's Birthdayland, the cane slipped off the train into the woods near the Indian Village. While it wasn't funny at the moment, we all laugh about it now. To make a long story short, we ended up riding that train around the park about 4-5 times in a row while Cast Members tried to find the cane in the late evening dark. We heard that "Rolling, rolling, rolling express" song waaay too many times. My brother, my father, and I ended up teasing my poor mom that she threw the cane off on purpose, and then we kept teasing her that the Indians from the Indian village snagged it and made it their centerpiece for their village.

So, as you can tell, that song holds a peculiar place in my life, and to be able to track down a copy of it would be fantastic!

If anyone has a copy, I'd love to obtain a copy.

Thanks for bearing with my story!


I can't help you track this song down at the moment, but I've heard a poor (live) recording of it sometime over the past couple of years via the net (I don't think I kept it, sorry!).

I'd love a decent recording of it too, as it was played on the train during my first ever visit to WDW and it stuck in my mind too.



I've been looking for that song ("Mickey's Birthdayland Express") ever since I heard it in 1989!! I have a CD (Tokyo Disneyland: Mickey Mouse Happy 70th Anniversary) which has a song called "Mickey's Birthdayland Express" (sung in Japanese, of course), but the song is actually "We Love You, Mickey Mouse" from the Minnie's Surprise Party show at Mickey's Birthdayland. There was also another song, "Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse" which was played during the show's finale. If anyone finds copies of these songs, PLEASE share the info!! Thanks!!

p.s. If anyone is interested, the lyrics to all 3 songs can be found here:



OOps! Sorry, but only 2 of the song lyrics are listed on the site. "We Love You, Mickey Mouse" and "Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse" :(


Yes, I remember hearing the songs you mentioned (or at least one of them) from the Mickey's Birthday show at, appropriately, Mickey's Birthdayland in the very late '80's.

As I recall, the show was pretty good and quite popular then; it starred Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale, Donald, a chipper young castmember of the day, and of course, Mickey. The whole show centered around the gang's plans for a surprise party for Mickey, and how they almost manage to "goof" it up during the show (one particulary funny bit focused on the "too many cooks in the kitchen" routine, with Chip, Dale, Goofy, and Pluto trying to bake Mickey's BD cake). I still remember, at the end of the show, the very strong aroma of freshly baked cake hanging over the audience. After the show, the gang was ready for the standard meet & greet.

As for the WDW RailRoad tune, "Rolling on the Express" (I'm not sure if that's the real name, but it fits), there were actually at least two versions of it. The first version I recall hearing (about 1988-89) sung about "Mickey's Birthdayland Express," in honor of Mickey's then 60th?? birthday (I'll have to check my worn and torn souvenier t-shirt I had of the event!). After the BD event was nixed, they changed the song to the "Walt Disney World Express." At the time, we lived down in FL, so we used to visit all the time, and heard both versions frequently.

Note to Tim: I never saw your Mom's cane--sorry! (great story, though! :)) However, do you remember that ol' crocodile off to the left of the train, just before you went under the bridge before Mickey's BDland? I wonder if he's still there! ;)

Yeah, an audio recording of any of those tunes would be fun to listen to once more...

Add them to the list! :-

And now, I'll go back to humming (for the rest of the day), "rollin', rollin' on the express, we're rollin' on Mickey's Birthdayland (or Walt Disney World, depending upon when you heard it) Express!" ;D

- Mike


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I don't think it's the same song you're talking about, but Davy Jones (of the Monkees) recorded a song called "Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse" in the late 1970's, and it was an England-only release. Davy sang lead and a bunch of kids sang backup. The chorus would've gone:

Hey ra ra ra
Hey ra ra ra
Happy birthday Mickey Mouse!




I'm also looking for recorded versions of these three songs:

The Birthdayland Express song
"We Love You, Mickey Mouse"
and "Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse"

... if anyone has them please share!