WDW Main Street Cinema Question


Before the Main Street Cinema converted into VMK, it was a gift shop with a large screen in the back playing a montage of clips from the various Disney parks worldwide. It was short and dated and is no longer there, but I have a question for those that remember it : I could have sworn that the audio that went to it was from Hook, but now I am not so sure. I am now thinking that it is the StormRider suite from Tokyo DisneySea. If not from there, the suite had to have been in the P&PP music loop from Tomorrowland.

I have heard it somewhere, I am just confused as to where.


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I have a recording of the Pirate & Princess Party Tomorrowland loop. I can check and let you know.


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A bit of a shot in the dark and slightly off topic, but was the VMK Central music loop just the Castle Fireworks Lobby music, or was there anything else playing after that?