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So because Disneyland's parks are right next to each other, there is a small "Esplanade" between the two and the area music that plays is a mix of themes from both parks. At WDW as far as I know, each park only has it's individual Main Entrance loops, but I'm curious if there's any place in the resort that plays a mix of all the parks themes? If I recall correctly the Ticket and Transportation center just played generic Disney stuff (songs fromthe films?) but I could be wrong. Can anyone tell me if a loop plays somewhere that has things from each park? Just curious.


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You are correct regarding the TTC BGM, just generic Disney music, which may mirror the MK main gate entrance music, although I have not confirmed that yet. Otherwise, I don't recall ever hearing a loop that plays a mix of music from each of the parks.


Downtown Disney (East Side) has played a mix of Disney movie music and pop music, so that's no good for you. The bus stations have no music at all. I think the TTC music is the same as the MK entrance music, I also noticed it plays on the Ferry dock but not in the monorail stations.

I don't think that newer version of the MK entrance music is floating around yet.