WDW Fantasyland to Liberty Square Music Transition

While perusing "The Imagineering Field Guide to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World" this morning I came across this interesting tidbit about the transition between Fantasyland and Liberty Square. According to the book, a unique BGM track plays under the 'bridge' (part of the Columbia Harbor House dining area) that separates the two lands. (If you're not sure where I am here, imagine passing through Fantasyland down the slight incline with Peter Pan's Flight on your left and the old Skyway to Tomorrowland Swiss chalet on your right; or, alternatively, passing through Liberty Square with the Haunted Mansion on your far left and and the Columbia Harbor House restaurant at your right.)

In all of my hours of videotape and footsteps here I can't recall a separate BGM for just this area. Can anyone confirm this is true? Thanks.


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This might help or just confuse the matter - the last time I was at the Magic Kingdom, and it's been about four years ago, I heard the old, pre-rehab 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea queue tracks. Can anyone back this up? And it was just confined to that small area - I don't think I heard it on the Liberty Square side of the underpass.


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Can't confirm or deny, but I know a lot of those 20K queue tracks are used elsewhere as "nautical" themes. I seem to remember counting 4 different loops at DLP that used one version of "Drunken Sailor".


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It does sound like a completely different loop than either the Liberty Square or Fantasyland BGMs.


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It's not in an ideal spot to grab a recording. But I'll try and take a closer listen and let you know. I am now very familiar with the Liberty Square BGM so I'll be able to tell what, if anything, is included from that loop.
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