WDW Country Bear album side B tracks?



can anyone help me find the tracks from side 2 of the 1972 Country Bear vinyl album? Were they included on the Wonderland version?

The tracks are labled:
Mile Long Bar - Bile 'Em Cabbage Down
Mile Long Bar - Polly Wolly Doodle
Mile Long Bar - Wabash Cannonball
Mile Long Bar - Bearless Love (this seems to be identical to the track on the DL50 boxed set)
Mile Long Bar - Red River Valley
Mile Long Bar - Bang! Goes Old Betsy


Thanks! Glad to know that they do exist on CD... Now, how could I get my hands on this in Europe..?

At worst, would anyone be willing to trade for DLRP music?


Come to think of it, does anyone know more about the Mile Long Bar music loop? Like a track list, or information about the recordings?

It *seems* to come from the same recording sessions as the Big Thunder loops (in fact, DLP's loop uses some of the tracks) and the country-style The Land loop (ditto).

I was listening to these last night and was wondering. Is this the only BGM loop actually officially released? And was it complete? I can remember hearing it in the old Mile Long Bar in DL, but cannot remember if there were more tracks included. Seems kinda short on the LP :-
Hi. Side Two of the LP was titled "Mile Long Bar," although the tracks played were definitely BGMs in the 70s and 80s. I don't recall if they were played within the actual restaurant, but I suppose the loops could have been piped in there too. The "Bar" did have the singing busts of Mel, Buff, and Max.
The Mile Long Bar was a walk up to get soft drinks mainly. It had mirrors on the left and right inside walls thus the "Mile" look. I think I remember seeing the heads, but I do not remember them talking or singing. There was BGM there inside.

you can see a photo here at Yesterland: http://www.yesterland.com/bearcountry.html

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Ah but you're forgetting the Mile Long Bar at WDW, makeminemusic, which also utilized the mirrors, but was more of a restaurant than the Disneyland version was. If I remember correctly, at WDW they weren't above the bar directly, but they were on a wall as you entered, as shown here: http://bp3.blogger.com/_85hkweTvct4/RnoBvc...-h/MileLong.jpg
And they had a specific song that they sung depending on which show was playing at that time of year.

Does anyone know for a fact whether DL's busts moved? I didn't visit WDW until high school, but as a child I remember my Grandmother showing me that the busts in the DL Mile Long Bar were moving. Sometimes I seem to remember seeing them moving (just blinking or looking at each other) and other times I was a half second too late to see it. Anyone know if they really moved? I know when they removed them to make the bar in to the Pooh shop, the busts were just static figures, no mechanics inside, but perhaps that was changed at some point?
Of course you are correct X, :eek:. I had forgotten about the one at WDW.

Back to my original question. Are there any other "official" BGM loop releases besides this (if this is indeed the full loop)?