WDW Cinderellabration CD

I read on www.wdwmagic.com and on laughingplace.com (under wdw general section) that WDW has released a CD for the Cinderellabration show . Does anyone know if this it true ?any more info you can share?



Looks like it's true. The CD is available at laughingplacestore.com (http://laughingplacestore.com/Product-5968.asp?r=n20050501)

The two tracks are:
1) Cinderella's Royal Coronation 18:00
2) Cinderella's Royal Festival 13:58

CD cover is below.

Add another CD to my "To Get" List. :)




Just picked up my copy of the new "Cinderellabration" show CD at DTD this afternoon. It's priced at $16.98 plus tax.

Much to my satisfaction, the cd does include the entire 18 minutes WDW Magic Kingdom version of the show as presented daily at the Castle Forecourt Stage, complete with show dialogue, newly re-recorded vocals and new show music mix. (TDL's more visually extravagant and Cast impressive version of Cinderellabration show clocks in at 24:30 in lenght and features different vocals and a more elaborate soundtrack along with a totally different show mix of the action, so it would be safe to own both TDL and WDW cds)

The WDW cd does feature the 2 tracks:

1) Cinderella's Royal Coronation (18:00) which is the show as presented at the Castle Stage
2) Cinderella's Royal Festival (13:58) This track as far as I know, is not used at WDW. This is in fact the 14 minute long musical loop that accompanies TDL's extraordinary 'Lights of Romance' electrical display at TDL's hub. Why is it here on this WDW cd?? I just don't know, but makes me even sadder that this particularly spectacular aspect of TDL's Cinderellabration was not brought to the MK, as it would have been quite a crowd pleasing display. Yet at least, those who will want to own this cd, will get a bit of TDL's unique musical take on this event without dishing up the money for the imported TDL Cinderellabration CD.

Anyway... for those of you who, like me, can't live without those fabulous Disney Park sountracks..I highly recommend you add this CD to your personal collection of Disney Park music.

BTW...the "Happiest Celebration" WDW 2-cd set went on sale yesterday but it was totally sold out in the entire DTD district today but didn't check inside the parks for it. They expect another shipment at WOD by this tuesday, and this cd set sells for $24.98, according to the WOD CM at the Info Desk.