WDW Christmas Filming

it was a LOOOONG day...but we did it! I am very excited to see the final result!
the Love and Romance section sung by Andrea McArdle should be BEAUTIFUL.
Look for me in the green and white sweater and white pants in the opening number and the finale (of the opening segment)...who knows if I made the final cut...or the cutting room floor!
It will be on ABC Christmas Morning (check listings for the time- I know East Coast is at 10am)



Thanks, Tommy, for mentioning the Parade! Look for me directly behind The Wiggles, having far too much of a good time (the bearded guy).
One little thing, it will be on ABC on 12/25 at 11 am eastern, 10 am central and pacific. This is the first time the West Coast can watch it at a decent hour.
This year is a little different than previous years in that all the performers have some connection with Disney and the bulk of the show takes place at the parade itself, like Macy's. There's none of that hokey "Elves on Vacation" or "Golly, Where's Mickey?" stuff.


I had a blast! I wasn't in the parade, but my roommate and I went to go hang out in the crowd. We were right in front of the Confectionery all day.

And the finale was the funnest part... we got really into it. :p

My roommate is still hitting me. though. for not having my video camera along when I got to sing "Remember the Magic" over all of Main Street. :p (And, yes, I sang horribly, but that's half the fun! ;))



Woo--very cool. I stopped by the MK that morning, and saw the filming going on...thought about staying for a bit, but I had already promised a friend I'd meet him for lunch at Epcot, so I didn't stick around. Besides, I look bad enough in real life, the last thing I need to do is be caught on camera... :p

I'll definitely have to look for everyone on Christmas morning.

And wondergreg, that's very cool that they're actually featuring the parade in the parade telecast, instead of doing all that wacky stuff they have in the past few years. A couple months ago, I found an old tape of a late 80s-era Christmas parade, and it was great to actually see them showing the parade and WDW, not other random stuff.