WDW CBJ exit stuff???


I have been after this info for years but I think this would be the best place to check.....does anyone have what Max, Buff, and Melvin used to say once you exited the CB Playhouse? They had a wall before they expanded the food place(waht ever it is called this week) that had the 3 of them talking once you got out. I only saw it once that I recall and the tech guys were working on them because something was wrong with the programing so I never got to hear it. If anyone has it I would love to hear it or atleast know what it was.

I've come across a couple live recordings, but the quality is considerably poor and the dialog is hard to decipher.

I still enjoyed your recordings alot. I know the quality was not your fault - it was just due to the limited abilities of the equipment back then. I think it's great that you've managed to extract what you could, and I really appreciate it. I hadn't even known about any of that until I came across those recordings. Thanks for uploading the stuff.
I wonder if any of those folks who seem to have access to the masters of many attractions have anything.
The place at the time was called the Mile Long Bar. sadly the heads of Max,Buff & Melvin,went from working to not working to being removed. The place is now the Pecos Bill Cafe. The heads dialogue varied based on what show was playing (Original 71-86,92-????.Christmas (84-??????) Vacation Hoedown (86-91,too short in my opinion)


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Just for fun, here is the original 1971 exit song from the Pepsi Mile Long Bar at Walt Disney World...synched to the theatre exit music of "Come Again" and perormed by Max, Buff and Melvin:

(spoken asides in brackets)


Well, howdy, come on in and set a spell!
We're pleased to have you, more than tongue can tell...
Come in and rest yourselves in style,
We'll laugh and scratch and sing a while,
We're glad that you dropped in to set a spell!

Come on in [Set a spell!]
Come on in [The fun is fine!]
Each one of you is welcome,
Every Clem and Cementine!

We're glad that you dropped in to set a spell,
It's nice you brought the family as well...
We know you'll find it worth the trip,
Enjoy yourselves, we've got a pip,
We're glad that you dropped in to set a spell!