WDW 1975 MAD MARS MYTH preshow

Does anyone out there have a recording of the original preshow for the WDW MISSION TO MARS?? The show was called "The MAD MARS MYTH" and featured many scenes taken directly from "Mars And Beyond" Ward Kimbal produced TV show. I'm currious as to who did the narration, what kinda music played there.....Disneyland's MISSION TO MARS didn't feature this show........the wait/holding area was far too small...and for a number of years featured models from Douglass Aircraft archives.

Also what was the MONSANTO preshows like for the 1971 and the 1976 America The Beautiful circle-vision,
or Magic Carpet 'Round the World 1974 ??? These guest holding areas were so large.they must have had something for the waiting masses. The Disneyland Circle-vision preshows were always rather elaborate.
Any info out there??

Also..The WDW GRAN PRIX RACEWAY.......i recall........in the late 70's as a kid.....there being a big deal od sound efx that didn't or don't seem to play anymore........like when those little 7hp motorcars wpold turn corners there was the sound s of BIG formula racecar engines coming from nearby speakers.....(to sound like our little cars were making the noises!!)also on some starit-aways there would be tranmission change sounds and speed aceleration sounds... AND when we would board the cars a recorded voice over (with a gradstand mega speaker sound FX.like the depot calls of the DL and WDW RR) would call out "Driver's to the cars!!!!!!"
Anyway, it seemd to make the whole attraction seem pretty exciting even though as a kid ya knew it was all recording engines sounds......I recall the cars also being dispathed in racing "packs" and a castmember waving a big checkered flag as the countdown lights went off.......

Man! back in the 70's you could spend the WHOLE day at WDW's Tomorrowland and not get board! LOL.

As one who was introduced to WDW in the late 70s, I couldn't agree more. I remember that recorded voice with the "Drivers to your cars" and I also remember him saying "Green light to go!" or something like that indicating you were about to start.

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There is apparently conflicting information about the Ward Kimball pieces in association with Mission to Mars.

The summer 1995 issue of Disneyland Vacationland magazine says:

[tt]Disneyland space travelers are then treated to the "Mad Mars Myths," a cartoon about the fantastic concepts of life on Mars, produced by the "Walt Disney Productions In-Flight Distribution Division."[/tt]

I have no recollection of this being used at WDW, and certainly not in the holding area. Primarily because, there was nothing to show it on! WDW's holding area had large glass windows, no TVs (we're talking '75 here), and no movie screens. Just some bench seats and some large photos of Mars on the walls from the Mariner mission. The room pretty much stayed as is from the time of the Flight to the Moon rehab until it was converted into Alien Encounter. The same is true for the Mr. Johnson pre-show -- pretty much the same since 1975, except for sponsor updates, which I don't believe were even on the audio tracks.

The CircleVision pre-show across the way was just as boring. Again, large glass windows and lots of benches. Oh, you could watch the PeopleMover go by every now and then. The back wall had some backlit Duratrans photos, but no real show per-se. There was undoubetly music playing in the room, but I can't remember what it was.

You're dead on about the Grand Prix sounds -- as a kid I used to raise the ire of the CM's by waiting for the "Green light to go" message before I started off. There were also 'skidding' sound in the turns under the bridges.