WDR/BV future releases (wish list)

Can't argue with any of those choices, Will--but if I had to choose one LP to CD release, it would have to be--The Song of the South. OK, I'll reluctantly accept the fact that we'll probably never see it released in this country on video/DVD--but can we at least have the songs/score digitally remastered! We already have a theme park attraction based on the Uncle Remus stories, Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah is a Disney anthem, and, of course, I don't even have to mention--we have plush toys of Brer Rabbit and friends! Anyway, I'd just like to have the CD. Mike.

David S.

Naturally I would buy all the ones you've all mentioned. Here are some of my choices/thoughts, in no particular order:

The Aristocats - This seems to be a popular film, so you would think they will eventually do something with this in the new budget "Original Soundtracks" line. The question is, if they ever do get this title back in print on a US CD, will they reissue the scant, song-only US EP, the European songs + score, or allow Randy to create a new master chronologically integrating the songs and score?

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Will we EVER get the original songs and music from this film instead of the newly recorded versions?!

Song of the South - I agree with everything Michael said. Even if the movie never sees the light of day (sigh), no one will complain if the music comes out on CD, and it DESERVES to be released!

So Dear To My Heart - Often overlooked and unfairly thought of as a "lesser" companion of SotS, this fine film has equally brilliant music and both the film and it's soundtrack deserve acclaim in their own right.

Three Caballeros/Saludos Amigos - OK, I know we've heard repeatedly that the postwar "package films" are a longshot for CD soundtrack release because of legal issues, but technically I think the "postwar package films" are considered to begin with Make Mine Music. Seeing as songs from the two South American films have made there way onto various compilations, perhaps there is hope yet for these musical gems (perhaps on the same disc?) I just love this music - EXTREMELY catchy melodically AND rhythmically, and also great fun. Cabelleros especially is a musical tour-de-force from start to finish, and who can forget the "Brazil" sequence in Saludos?

Babes In Toyland - My first choice for unreleased live-action musical

In Search of the Castaways, AND

Summer Magic - my next two choices in this category!

The Sword In The Stone - underated soundtrack and the FIRST Sherman animated musical DESERVES CD release!

Robin Hood - we came close to getting this once before...

The Rescuers - The bonus songs on The Rescuers Down Under soundtrack are a nice start, but I would love a proper release so I could finally get "Rescue Aid Society" on CD!

The Fox and the Hound - one of my favorites of the newer features; I would love to get the soundtrack

Perri - I love the great choral songs in this film

The Three Lives of Thomasina,

Big Red, AND

Rascal - I have no idea if these were ever even released on vinyl, but they are three of my favorite live action Disney films, and I would love to at least get the songs on compilations or something

Make Mine Music,

Fun and Fancy Free,

Melody Time, AND

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - I know these last four will probably never happen. But I will always want them anyway! ;)



Will, I know you know, but it's Bobby Troup and not the other famous singer you mentioned......

I don't think Disney Records even believe in their own releases; it took them WEEKS before they"promote" Bedknobs" and "Millionaire" on their site !!!!!!


Francois -

I was referring to the title song which is sung by Bobby Darin in the film during the opening credits. I'm sure it wasn't released on the original soundtrack LP due to some licensing red-tape. But, if ever released on CD, i'd like to see the Bobby Darin version included instead of the Louis Prima version.

But your right about the way they back their releases, I haven't even see them in the Disney Store!?!?!



Thank you for putting me wise ! It's been yers since I've seen the film and I was thinking of the version of the song available on cd, which, if i'm not wrong again, is sung by Bobby Troup and his band.
He sounds a lot like Darin !
Got my Bobbys confused i
I wish they would release "Fox & Hound" which has a wonderful score by our deeply missed Buddy Baker.
Baker came once to Epcot -- Epcot CENTER, then - to conduct the All American College Orchestra, as well as Irwin Kostal, matter of fact, and I was working both times unfortunately......

Some of That Darn Cat music is very close to The Pink Panther Theme, a tribute -- and a wink -- to Mancini, I'm sure.