WAY WAAAAAY OT Movieland Wax Museum

Just a reminder folks....The movieland wax museum down the street from Knotts will be closing forever on the 31st of Oct...after 4 years.....sad how times change...i took digital pics of almost everything in august...what foresight....

luckily most of the figures will be moving up here to San Francisco....not sure how they are going to fit them in though!


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Noooooooo!! Ugh, another piece of my childhood chipped away. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing my kids were able to experience it at least once before it went.

Here's a funny anecdote I'd like to share:
A few years ago, on a trip to Las Vegas we visited the famed Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. We were rather disappointed with how small and brief the museum actually is. We even turned around at the end and backtracked a bit to make sure we hadn't missed something.

A year or so later, we took a trip to Knott's and decided to spend a day at the Movieland Wax Museum and Ripley's. It had been decades since I'd been to Movieland so a lot of it was a foggy memory. We toured through the museum till we got to the candy store/souvenir area. Remembering our Tussaud experience we mulled around the shop area for awhile thinking we had finished seeing the whole place and were killing time before leaving. Of course, when we left through the "exit" we were quite excited to discover we had only completed the first leg of a much larger and elaborate Movieland tour experience!

It'll be sorely missed. :'(