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Seems like everyone has their special list of what tracks they'd like to get their paws on. Thought it might make an interesting post.

To get the party started.....

1. Alice in Wonderland Ride Thru
2. Spaceship Earth Walter Cronkite Ride Thru
3. Kids of the Kingdom "Lady America" Show
4. O Canada film
5. Christmas Electrical Parade
6. Tough to be a Bug lobby loop
7. ?


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For me, it's just every CD that I don't have...which is QUITE a list . But it's a near-guarantee that I'll never, ever complete my collection .



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Me want! Me want!

OK, the only thing I'm not familiar with is the "Lady America" show. It would be interesting to hear it...

I would LOVE the Christmas Electrical Parade! And NOT the one from the Disneyland Paris CD... I mean the full version. I would also LOVE to have the WDW Christmas Electrical Parade! I know it was different from DLP's, despite some saying it's the same. I distinctly remember more christmas songs woven in, and different ones than DLP's. I liked WDW's much better, actually. The only one I haven't heard is Tokyo Disneyland's...now THAT would be great to get a hold of!!!


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You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm VERY surprised that Disneyland didn't adopt the Christmas Electrical Parade for it's DCA run. Since DCA didn't really have anything much in the way of holiday entertainment. I'm sure many Californians hadn't heard the Christmas MSEP before. It can't be that expensive either, since it's just changing out the soundtrack. It would have just been a fun thing for them to do...oh well.

I don't know, but when I first heard/saw the Christmas MSEP at WDW, it was totally unexpected. It was not announced to be a different version, and when the music started up, it was really exciting because it was something different. For me, it made the parade a little bit more special, and had a little magic again.

X-S Tech

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Alien Encounter (anything and everything)
WDW and/or Disneyland's Winnie the Pooh attractions
Hall of Presidents full show (Wouldn't that be the coolest CD single, they could do a new one every four years with a new narrator and speaking president)
Journey into Your Imagination with Figment
Golden Dreams load/unload music
Ellen's Energy Adventure (transition music....all the other music besides the 4:46 loop that plays in the first theater, I love this piece).
Universe of Energy (original show) I never see anything from this show pop up.
I could go on forever but this is what comes to mind right now.


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I second the Winnie the Pooh attractions from either WDW or DL!

Also Maelstrom ride through or music would be nice.
the entire "Surprise in the Skies" and "Splashtacular" shows from EPCOT.
WDW's 15th anniversary "Surprise Celebration" parade
WDW's Easter Parade
Disneyland's "Very Merry Christmas" commercial jingle from the 80's.
1. Country Bear Jamboree Show (Stereo!) ;D
2. Carousel of Progress - 1994 (Show/Preshow Stereo) :D
3. Delta Dreamflight/Soundtrack ;D :D
4. Journey Into Imagination Soundtrack :D
5. Horizons!
6. World of Motion
7. We've Come so Far (Space Mountain)
8. American Adventure

...the list goes on!...


An all Epcot CD would be great (if it had all unreleased stuff) and yeah Dreamflight is a good thing also.


Im content for now :)

Although my peace would disappear if someone had the 20k sub ride narration for WDW, or the full Get the fever show, or there were actually more demos of the Mineral King bear show, or a clean copy of the Under new Management show :D (which is my most current quest)- and the Pooh rides, Bird and Robot (not live) and any demos for the tiki room and other tiki bird shows...

And if there were demos of the Tiki Cabana show!!!!

But for now, Im content



People should try requesting some of this stuff on the alt.binaries.multimedia.newsgroup You might end up getting some of it

Alot of it is around, but alot of people want the official cds with real good quality (well at least I do, not sure how many other people).


I'm still desperate to replace the Listen to the Land instumentals (like the big band versions) that I lost from my hard drive (ironicaly) when I went to Florida. :-[

If anybody has seen a trace of these anywhere, wow, I'd be grateful.
I think I'm starting to loose sleep over it... ;D

GrizzlyHall - couple of your wants are on Project Disney - we've come so far for example. :)
Wow..what's Project Disney? :eek:

I really got into "We've Come So Far" when I heard a mixed version of it - the 2 WDWF tracks and the Space Mountain tunnel. I had heard the Tunnel (of course) at Walt Disney World - and it's always been a favorite. I'd also heard the entrance music as a track on my computer for the past 2-3 years...which has really been almost an emotional track.

However, when I heard the combination - unknowing that these pieces actually came together - I was just in pure awe. Then finding out it was actually "We've Come So Far" - the song I'd only heard from my Disney Music Songbook - that was the final touch. :D
Okay, I'll bite.

I'll add the piece I've been wanting since 1996. An English language version of Disney's Magical Dreams/Feel The Magic.

A Japanese version of it has been released on some TDL sets--although I'd also love to hear the newest release of it from that 11-CD monster set.

The song was used at a Kids of the Kingdom castle forecourt show called "Ears To You" which honored 25-years of Disney park guests. Its a great song in the style of "Remember The Magic" (the 25th anniversary WDW afternoon parade).

Before anyone asks, it is NOT the same "Feel the Magic" used at EuroDisney/DLP.

If anyone could help me out, LMK and I'm sure we could work out a good trade!


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But Mike, was it the same "Feel the Magic" used at EuroDisney/DLP?

(who has eaten 6 cherry tomatoes and 2 regular-sized tomatoes from her tomato plants. And 4 strawberries from her strawberry plants. So far. So how much snow ya still got, hmmm?)


I'm with Ben C on the WDW 15th Parade I've been looking for that for a long time. I only have clips of the 15th song form TV. ...but it was the 20th Parade that was titled "Surprise Celebration" and not the 15th.
I'd also like to have Donald Ducks 50th.


sigh... if I could only get my hands on the actual score from the movie from Time to Time (the paris or tokyo version) from Bruce Broughton.... that would be.... sigh..... too good :D

and except that, I'm hunting for the Toad Hall Restaurant Loop and the Walt's & Salon Mickey loop from DLP, and Frontlot loop tracks from WDs... and for every piece of music from TDS that was not released on a TDS CD...

sigh... I'll keep on dreaming now....


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Ok, Sharon...no need to rub it in!! OK, so our trees are still dead, and nothing much is growing, but at least we've got our...our...oh skip it!