Walt Disney's Story of Peter Pan

Does not indicate who narrates. Maybe Ginny Tyler?

Yes, Ken! You're right! It was Ginny Tyler. Originally Jimmie Dodd did the narration for the 1957 "Round Cover" edition of the story of "Peter Pan", but I haven't heard the original Jimmie Dodd version on one of the early story LP's from 1957. This was before Ginny Tyler took over and redid the narration for the 1960 "Magic Mirror" albums.

I've heard the previous original "Round Cover" albums that Disneyland ever released including "Alice in Wonderland" which was originally narrated by Darlene Gillespie, and then "Cinderella" narrated by Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket, "Snow White" narrated by Annette Funicello and "Bambi" narrated by Jimmie Dodd, the same narration he did "Peter Pan". "nestorthegreat" did a great job posting the original 1957 "Round Cover" LP's on the Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhggg message board in the "Children's Records & More" section. I give thanks to our other board contributor "nestorthegreat" for finding all these rare gems.

I do have the "Magic Mirror" in my collection with a lot of Disneyland LP's.