Walt Disney World Theme Park Music Box Set


Yesterday when I was at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, I noticed they were stocking CD's at the Emporium. I looked at the cart and there was a brand new box set of WDW them park CD's. It had the Wishes CD, Festival Of The lion King CD, the Spectromagic CD, the Parade Memories CD and one other I believe. If I remember correctlyThe cost was around 59.95 and I am pretty sure it was called "Walt Disney World Theme Park Magic" or something along those lines. We were kind of in a hurry so I didn't get a chance to look at it for any length of time. Unfortunately I won't be back out to the parks until around the end of November and I will probably buy it then but I am sure some of you good folks will have more info before then.

We got soaked for good while yesterday but it was fun. No waits on anything.

Oh yeah and after riding the HM for the first time since the rehab all I can say is..."Wow"
It really looks awesome and for all the work they put into it I am not going to complain too much about my Ap price going up a few dollars.



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Yes, I think this boxed set came out within the last year. It's nothing new, just repackaging a bunch of the older CD's in a cardboard slipcover.

I checked around online and found it at Laughingplace.com's store.


It's just called "Walt Disney World Music", and includes 5 previously released CD's, which are: "Wishes", "Illuminations and Tapestry of Dreams", "Magic in the Streets Parade Memories", "Spectromagic", and "Festival of the Lion King".


Ya they've been selling that one at Disneyland for a while. It also includes the Tapestry of Dreams cd(illuminations, we go on, tapestry, etc)