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Is it true that they have been pushed back to may 4th 2004 caus ei'm gonna have some unhappy kids on my hands christmas morning :(


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Yes, unfortunately, it's official. Even Amazon.com has updated it's release date for these. I'm disappointed too, as I was really looking forward to these sets, but oh well. I'll have to wait until May. At least it saves me $100 this Christmas though!

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Humbug! I was so looking forward to these releases, and had been dropping hints all over the place that I wanted them for Christmas. :(


This post over at HomeTheatreForum.com has a quote from Leonard Maltin about the schedule change:
"Hi... Yes, it's true... I just found out yesterday, and it has something to do with a backup at the duplicating facility, which is swamped right now. It's also because--and this is the good part--the demand for the new Treasures has exceeded their expectations and they weren't ready to package so many of them. So in the short run it's a disappointment, but in the long run it's good news."
It's a bummer to see the timeline change on these, but it will sure save some money in the short term! :)
Yes, it's very bad news. I was looking forward to all 4 of these more than the previous ones. At least I'm glad that they are not cancelled all together. I would hate for them to try to edit them in any way. They still claim that they are complete and unedited. Actually, they still claim that this whole series is and has been uncensored and unedited even though we know that's a lie (i.e.DIsneyland set). Well, I guess we'll have to wait another half year for these. :'(

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For those of you who have neglected to get the first seven sets of disscs and live near a Costco, you're in luck! They have repackaged the first and second wave without the collectible numbered tins and are available apparently exclusively at Costco. Here's the report from The Digital Bits:


I myself and kind of disappointed that the next wave of these discs won't be under the tree for me this year, but atleast they haven't cancelled them. :p



...and for those of us who missed any or all of the first wave of releases and DON'T live near a Costco, we're still in luck!

Check out their site, www.costco.com, and do a search for "Disney." I found the first 7 releases being sold as a package for $125 plus S&H.

Here's the link:

Perhaps other online retailers are making these available, too.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa... He just works for Costco nowadays.
Skunked again!!!

Procrastination isn't my middle name for nothing......I waited on the Goofy and B & W Mickey sets, and now I find that they seem to be gone(at least in their original tin box format)!

I just did a quick, desparate check this morning on ebay, and noticed a number of the non-tin boxed sets for sale--didn't know what to make of it, immediately was suspicious of some type of scam--but, apparently it's on the level, from the above posts! I guess that's an option....

But--does anyone know of a secret hiding place where the original tin sets might be available(sellers on amazon are hawking them for around $60 or so......g-r-r-r-r-r-r......)--as the Czech brothers used to say on Saturday Night Live--"I blame-a myself"........

Any suggestions????


Re:Skunked again!!!

Any suggestions????

Only to make sure that you preorder the next batch. And thank your lucky stars that the Costco reissue has dropped the prices on the tin boxes below the $100 range.
Wow, they were selling for 100 bucks by the scalpers......I guess I'm glad I waited.......

.......at least I've got my New Year's resolution......



Hi, guys.

this is from Videobusiness.com, which is a video industry trade magazine.


Studio postpones releases to meet unexpected demand.
By Jennifer Netherby 11/14/2003


NOV. 14 | Buena Vista Home Entertainment abruptly postponed its third wave of Walt Disney Treasures releases, due Dec. 2 but now rescheduled for a May release.

Studio officials said they were overwhelmed by retail orders for the four scheduled releases--The Chronological Donald, Mickey Mouse in Living Color: Vol. 2, Walt Disney on the Front Lines and Walt Disney's Tomorrowland. They are now due May 18.

Orders were 50% above sales projections made by the studio, which had anticipated a 20% order uptick from 2002.

"At that point we were looking at a situation where we would have to allocate product," BVHE VP of brand marketing Lori MacPherson said.

The studio had begun discussions with retailers for cutbacks before deciding to postpone the release.

Although the studio could replicate enough DVDs to meet demand for the December release, the tin case packaging that all Disney Treasures have been released in could not be reproduced in time, said MacPherson.

"We thought it would really be a good idea to move this release out to order more tins and make enough product to meet demand," she said.

After the delay became public, Internet rumors began circulating that the releases were pushed back because of racism in some of the war shorts from Walt Disney on the Front Lines. That release includes 32 shorts made during World War II, including wartime propaganda films and educational films.

MacPherson disputes that content concerns were an issue, however, saying the discs have already been replicated and will stay the same for the May release.

"If that were true, if we were concerned about that, we would just change the content," she said. "We're not changing the content. The discs are all replicated."

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Anybody remember an old Broadway showtune sung by Howard da Silva in "Fiorello!" -- "In a little tin box, a little tin box, that a little tin key unlocks..."?



I heard from a little birdie that Disney was doing a little "house cleaning" on it's overstock of DVDs (including some of the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs) and offering them to cast members for ridiculously low prices.

Anyone hear any truth to this? I have the complete set, but now might be a good time to try to become friendly with a CM for those of you who haven't. :)