Walt Disney Treasures, Wave 2

This from thedigitalbits.com:

Just a word of update for you on Buena Vista's next round of Walt Disney Treasures DVDs. Leonard Maltin apparently revealed at a recent Walt Disney Collectors Convention that the next wave of DVD tin sets will include The Compete Goofy, Mickey Mouse in Black & White, Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studios and Wartime Cartoons. Apparently, Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow and Walt Disney's True Life Adventures (which had been previously confirmed by Disney Customer Service) have been delayed until a later date. Look for Wave 2 sometime late this year.

Anyone know what "Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studio" is?
Apparently at least some of "Behind the Scenes" is going to be "The Reluctant Dragon"! I was looking forward to "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh." Michael.


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If my memory serves, "Behind the Scenes at Disney Studios" is has Robert Benchley touring the studio. He visits several different departments while searching for Walt, seeing some shorts along the way. These include the Reluctant Dragon and Goofy how-to short, I believe. Again, if memory serves, this was one of the "features" put together from shorts to try and raise $$$ after Fantasia tanked.


Update: I found this info at www.imdb.org:

Humorist Robert Benchley visits the Disney Studios to sell Walt on the idea of animating the story of The Reluctant Dragon. While evading an officious young studio guide, Benchley stumbles into various studio activities and departments, including an art class, a sound effects session, the multiplane camera studio (at which point he notices the film has switched to Technicolor), the paint lab, a storyboard session for the "Baby Weems" segment, a movieola screening of the Goofy cartoon "How to Ride a Horse", and finally catches up with Walt in a screening room just as he's previewing the studio's latest film... The Reluctant Dragon!
If indeed the Reluctant Dragon behind the scenes feature is on the disc there has to be more than just that.

This is a double disc set, right? Just imagine the possiblities!!!!!!!!

I'm very excited about this wave of releases, especially the Wartime Cartoons collection, although I would love to have a double disc set of behind the scenes at Walt Disney World, from conception to opening day right up to the present!


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Rather than editing, I think they will simply be selective.

To my knowledge, there are few Japanese caricatures in Disney's World War II films. There are no "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips" or "You're a Sap Mr. Jap" in Disney's library. I can think of two specifically - Commando Duck (1944) and Der Feuher's Face (1943) - and maybe How To Be a Sailor (1943). But these images are limited in comparison to what was done at other studios.

I can't image they will include the South American education films, such as "Cleaniness brings Health" or "Hookworm," because of the depiction of Latinos/Latinas.

Germans . . . well, I think do not think there are negative depictions of Germans, but rather negative depicitions of Nazis. Education for Death (1943) is rather sympathic towards the German people and what Hitler was imposing upon them. The same can be said for Der Feuher's Face.

I could see them including a lot of the homefront shorts - the tax films ("The New Spirit" and "Spirit of '43"), "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Firing Line," and "Victory Vehicles." They will probably include Donald Duck's army shorts. They might include the films Disney did for the Canadian government, such as "The Thrifty Pig" (1941), prior to December 7th. Maybe some training films?

They might also include "Reason and Emotion" and "Chicken Little."

I know they are including "Victory Through Air Power."

What I am really hoping for is a good, solid documentary about these films, not like the poor excuses for extra features on the previous wave of Walt Disney Treasures. Here's to hoping!



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This is definitely great news. I cannot wait to watch the Wartime productions. And yes, I also agree that they should not be "cut" at all. they are not as racist and as controversial as many Looney Tunes or the Private Snafu short films.
I have some of these cartoons, and I bet that disney is restoring them. I hope they include DER FUEHRER'S FACE, REASON AND EMOTION and of course THE NEW SPIRIT in which Donald Duck teaches us how to "pay taxes to beat the axis". I have a black and white version of VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER. I hope this one is also going to be included.

BUT ... i hope that disney doesn't include only commercial releases with no aparent propaganda with only light references to the war. Cartoons whose purpose were not to convince americans or allies' people about how to accomplish Victory. I'm scared about titles like THE ARMY MASCOT, THE OLD ARMY GAME, THE HOME FRONT... titles more entertaining than political.

Where can we find further information about this Wave 2 of Disney Treasures?


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Scarecrow of Rhomney Marsh - Dr. Syn (Delayed? Cancelled?)

...............begin depression and sorrow now.


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Come on, Scarecrow. You cannot earn your ears if you remain that depressed. i bet the project has been delayed. You know that sooner or later Disney is going to release EVERYTHING in their vault.