Walt Disney Treasures DVDs question

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You guys are killing me... I have to wait until next payday to go hunting for these dvds. I'm dying to see the War shorts -- I have waited decades for them!! :D
The Tomorrowland set is great!.....Just for the EPCOT film alone!.....Heck, I'd love just for the fact it shows so much of the WEDWAY PeopleMover.......I saw this film one time at a WDI workshop and never never thought I'd we watching it at home on the screen!

.and the beggining music of Eyes in Outterspace features the music of Disneyland's SPACE STATION X-1 (Satelite View of America)!!!

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Dr. Know

OK... ok, already...

I broke down and bought the Tomorrowland and Frontlines sets today at Best Buy. So I can eat saltines for the next week. These are quite simply the releases of the decade! I watched the film on rivets, and thought I was in heaven. And EPCOT... WOW!! Incredible, miraculous really... ;D

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To ressurect an old topic, I finally ripped a copy of this music, and in fact all of the menu music from the TL DVD. It's all cool and kitschy, though not sure if any of it was used in the park. According to DL FLIGHT 295's post, the music before Eye's in Outer Space was from SpaceStation X-1. Don't know for sure if he meant the Opening titles of that segment or something from one of the Menu's. The menu's strike me as much more the type of music that would be used. As I understand the attraction, you entered adn viewed a panoramic mural through the windows of the Space Station. You took your time but very little actually happened. The Main titles are very exciting, while the Menu music is more subdued, would make great ambience.

My first reaction upon hearing all of this music was that it might have come from one of the DL Audio Tour records (Walt Takes you to DIsneyalnd, your musical tour of Disneyland, etc...) and I remember someone once gave me a clip that they said was Space Station X-1 that was really a badly edited piece from one of these albums (in the Rocket Countdown they 6 and the 3 were missing!). Actually it might have just come from a record that skipped. Anyway, upon listening to them they are similar in style but not used in these records.

I guess this is all just more speculation, but if any one has any more info it would be great to have it.

Incidentally I emailed Disney's DVD department to ask if they had any info on what music was used. They sent me back a list of what the DVD contains feature wise (exactly the same list that's in the insert on teh DVD- guess they didn't understand that I had it already) and said for any more info to check out www.imdb.com. Nice to know they give a damn.