Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland


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Hi everyone,

Could someone please post a list of the features on the Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland DVDs as well the bonus features?

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Disc 1:
Dateline: Disney - the live televised broadcast on the first day openeing of Disneyland, featuring several celebrities, characters in costumes, and Disney in his E.P. Ripley steam engine (a dream come true in itself, modeled after his favorite pastime) all in glorious kinescope. A wonderful feature on history in the making.
The Disneyland Story - The very first television show in the series introducing Disneyland to the public before it even opened, and a one fourth to one foot scale model of Disneyland Park. A very interesting look at the raw simplicity of early Disneyland.

Disc 2:
Disneyland after Dark - from the Wonderful World of Color. Before the lights go out - a Monorail excursion, and then the nighttime lighting of Disneyland, original entertainment featuring Louis Armstrong, Annette Funicello, & the Osmond Brothers.
Disneyland 10th Anniversary - featuring artists Marc Davis and the Haunted Mansion Model and Mary Blair and her artwork on It's a Small World. And the unbelievable 10th anniversary Castle Show and showstopping song.
Magic Kingom and the Magic of Television - a most enjoyable documentary: Disney on Krushchef and the famous kinescopic original opening of the Fantasyland Castle drawbridge. Also seen in color are glorious arial views of Disneyland, Swiss Family Treehouse and Hayley Mills.
Gallery - Collection of original Posters

Also I liked the little tune played with the Menu screen.

The DVD is an outstanding little gem of entertainment


MickeysPal1981, I created some custom DVD inserts for the Disneyland USA DVD set which explain some of the edits and other information that you might find useful. It's still one of my favorite sets.


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musicrazy and Tannerman,

Thanks for your quick responses. The extra DVD inserts are very good.

Is "Magic Kingdom and the Magic of Television" the only bonus feature included (besides the gallery)?