Walt Disney Treasure Wave 2


This was posted on www.thedigitalbits.com today

"We've heard and tentatively confirmed that the Walt Disney Treasures, Wave 2 DVDs (due very late in 2002) will include Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow, Mickey Mouse in Black and White, The Complete Goofy and Walt Disney's True Life Adventures. At this rate, it's looking like there will be one new wave of these DVDs each year. Watch for official announcements soon."


Saw this too, I hope they include the TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURE series. Speaking of, I wish Disney would release the great Paul Smith music from the soundtracks on cd. There were three (I think) LP releases of music:


It would make a great companion cd to the dvd release, if they are part of the next WDT dvd releases.
Thanks for the update! I've been a fan of "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh" since I first saw it on "The Wonderful World of Color"--a "few" years ago! I finally just recently taped it off the Disney Channel, but certainly welcome the DVD release. I was happy that Randy Thornton thought to include the Scarecrow's theme song on the "75 Years" compilation, as my original 45 is barely listenable! And speaking of "The Wonderful World of Color," I was hoping that the tradition of releasing further programs from the Disneyland/Walt Disney Presents/Wonderful World of Color series would continue--some of those programs are absolutely essential-- maybe next time! Basically, as long as "the vaults" can be kept open, I'll be happy! Michael Zielski.


This is great news! I didn't even know that a wave 2 was expected. I was afraid to even hope for more. Thought it would end up being like the classic or archive CD series that didn't last very long. I love Scarecrow so that will be the first one I purchase. Who am I kidding -- I know I'll end up getting them all. Actually, the only reason we ended up getting a DVD player this past year was because I wanted to get the Treasures set! ;D



According to Leonard Maltin, the next 4 Walt Disney Treasures sets will be...

The Complete Goofy (already announced)

Mickey Mouse in Black & White (already announced)

Behind The Scenes At Disney Studios


Wartime Cartoons!
So do you think that is the final word about the next releases, Will? No Scarecrow of Romney Marsh? Behind the Scenes At Disney Studios sounds very promising--will this be more of the early television shows, which I was actually hoping for? And thanks for your great posts concerning the full-frame rip-offs--I'm feeling very guilty for not having contacting the perpetrators yet, but I'll take care of that tomorrow! Great demonstrations of wide-screen vs. full--as I mentioned in an earlier post, we demonstrated this as well a few years back by viewing both Sleeping Beauty formats simultaneously on two VCR's--it's just incredible the picture that is lost, shameful! I can't imagine that they would ever even consider releasing Sleeping Beauty in anything but wide-screen, because as you showed, it was filmed in Super Technirama 70--but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men... Visually, with Eyvind Earle's spectacular backgrounds, Sleeping Beauty is one of the most strikingly beautiful Disney films--we're anxiously awaiting its' DVD release--IN WIDESCREEN, of course! I'll take care of my negligence tomorrow.....Michael.
Wartime Cartoons! ?

Wow...That could get a bit controversial...Especially with things like De Fuehrers' face....It would be quite interesting to see what the keep and what they cut.

Im all for seeing the old Disney Cartoons/animation. I think people just need to realize that these are from Days long passed and that times have changed. Open mindedness is the key here if these releases do contain segments with various stereotypes....

Cant please everyone though...

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I've heard that the "Behind the Scenes" edition will contain the feature "The Reluctant Dragon". Also the "Wartime" edition will contain the feature "Victory Through Airpower"!

Great news. Kudos to Disney for releasing some of the best from the "Vault".