Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland CD ?


I saw this CD posted on walmart.com as being issued on July 12. Think this is the CD version of the gold LP in the Limited Ed. Disneyland CD set?
Also listed as being released that day is a Theme Park Karaoke CD.


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Interesting.. thanks for posting this! Now it would be really interesting if the karaoke cd included original instrumental tracks from the attractions....


There was a Sing-A-Long Theme Park CD a while back packaged in a DVD-case with a nice little booklet. The Karaoke-CD COULD be a reissue of that one.



Actually, Sing-Along and Karaoke are two different animals all together. Sing-Alongs include vocals (no instrumentals), Karaoke CD have vocal selections as well as their intrumental counterparts. So... the Karaoke CD must be a new item.
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I started to post that I didn't think the Walmart preorder CD was the same as the LP, then I thought....I better look at the LP ::). Sure enough it is the same. It is just not listed by "Lands" as it is on the LP.

Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland
Walt Disney Records

1. Disneyland Theme
2. Meet Me Down On Main Street
3. Overture
4. Adventureland Boat Ride
5. Overture
6. Covered Wagon Ride
7. Golden Horseshoe
8. River Boat Ride
9. Finale
10. Overture



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Haven't posted in years, but I'm back.
Anyway, there is a track listing here:

1. Disneyland Theme - (Walt Disney Narration)
2. Meet Me Down On Main Street
3. Overture - (Walt Disney Narration)
4. Orchids In The Jungle: Monkeys And Hippos / Distant Drums / River And The Rapids, The / Tribal Dances / Finale / Adventureland Boat Ride
5. Overture - (Walt Disney Narration)
6. Westward Ho The Wagons: Old Betsy / Covered Wagon Ride
7. Golden Horseshoe - (Slue Foot's Hoe Down)
8. River Boat Ride - (Farewell)
9. Finale - (Ballad Of Davy Crockett)
10. The World Of Tomorrow: Count Down And Blast Off / Outer Space / Meteorite Strikes, A / Other Side Of The Moon And Back, The / Next Target - Mars / Overture - (Walt Disney Narration)
11. Overture - (Walt Disney Narration)
12. King Arthur Carousel
13. Whistle While You Work: Some Day My Prince Will Come / Heigh Ho / Snow White Ride
14. Peter Pan Ride - (You Can Fly)
15. Storybook Land - (Alice In Wonderland)
16. Finale - (When You Wish Upon A Star)