Walt Disney Records "More Jungle Book"

Does anybody have any info on this album? It was spinoff album from the Jungle Book featuring songs inspired by the movie. A couple of them are also featured on the most recent Jungle Book soundtrack, but not all. Does anybody have a track list for this album. Does anybody know how to purchase it?
I pulled it out and it is a 33 1/3 Disneyland record and book that is the size of a 45. On Side one is The story of More Jungle Book. On side 2 is two songs

Baloos Blues sung by Phil Harris
Jungle Fever sung by Phil Harris

The record comes with a 24 page story book with pictures. My copy says Walt Disney Music of Canada Limited but that might just mean I bought it from somebody in Canada
I have a copy that I bought on ebay and I think after I listened to it once I never listened to it again

That bad, huh? I guess that would explain why it has never been re-released in any form.

I've heard Baloo's Blues from the JB OST, but not Jungle Fever. What is that song like? As a huge fan of anything and everything Jungle Book (other than the HORRIBLE sequel), I'd be pretty interested in hearing these songs.

On another note, the guys on laughingplace.com's podcast mentions an album that Louis Prima did featuring character voices from 'Robin Hood.' I googled it to death but never found anything like that. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
According to the unpublished autobiographical manuscript by Disneyland Records founder Jimmy Johnson, the story and the songs for MORE JUNGLE BOOK were created specifically for the record because the original JUNGLE BOOK Storyteller album (now available on the Wonderland CD system) was such a hot seller. Disneyland Records frequently created vinyl sequels to Disney animated classics long before home video. Some of these albums include THUMPER'S GREAT RACE, THE SEVEN DWARFS AND THEIR DIAMOND MINE and CINDERELLA'S MICE.

In the case of MORE JUNGLE BOOK, Phil Harris (voice of Baloo) actually participated in the creation of the new story, Louis Prima returned as King Louie, JUNGLE BOOK story artist Larry Clemmons wrote the script and the Sherman brothers contributed the songs "Baloo's Blues" and "It's a Kick," which were added as bonus material to the JUNGLE BOOK CD soundtrack. The other two songs were called "Jungle Fever" and "If You Want to See Some Strange Behavior (Take a Look at Man)."

MORE JUNGLE BOOK was released as a Storyteller LP with a 11-page full color book; it was also released as a 7" Little LP read-along with a 24-page book read by Robie Lester.

Please forgive the plug, but all of this and more is chronicled in MOUSE TRACKS, the book Tim Hollis and I have just finished about Disney records history:
Sweet! Thanks for the info. I'll have to check out the book! I bet you have some great insight.

Is Prima's "Let's Hear It For Robin Hood" a Disney release? Does your book cover it too?

For those of you who have heard "More Jungle Book," who is the narrator? Do the original cast members voice parts in it too, or are their audio cuts from the movie?

Anybody care to review the songs? Like I say, I've heard 'It's a Kick' and 'Baloo's Blues,' but not the other two. 'It's a Kick' is a decent song- decently recorded too. Wasn't so impressed with 'Baloo's Blues.'
Dal McKennon (the original Big Thunder Mountain Railroad announcer, Ben Franklin at The American Adventure as well as TV's Gumby and Archie) narrated MORE JUNGLE BOOK as Bagheera, which he also did on the JUNGLE BOOK Storyteller.

Phil Harris and Louie Prima returned as Baloo and Louie. Actress Ginny Tyler (the witch in Snow White's Adventures, Polynesia Parrot in DOCTOR DOLITTLE and many others) was Mowgli (the Disney record label often used women as boy voices just as many Japanese cartoons did).

Musically, Camarata produced the new songs. For background music, they re-used the "Adventureland Suite" from WALT DISNEY TAKES YOU TO DISNEYLAND, which was also used for the Jungle Cruise portion of the Tiki Bird LP.

At the very end of the album, the soundtrack finale of "Bare Necessities" is heard, sung by Phil Harris and Sebastian Cabot.

LET'S "HEAR IT" FOR ROBIN HOOD was originally issued in 1973 on Disneyland's sister label, Buena Vista. Our book mentions Prima mostly in the context of JUNGLE BOOK, including how, because he wanted the King Louie role so much, he brought his entire band to the Disney studio to "audition" for Walt.
Does your book outline the non-Disney roles that the various voice artists performed? I LOVE that Ginny Tyler was the voice of Polynesia! More trivia please!

Yes, the book has sidebars about the artists that trace their careers and mention some of their non-Disney as well as Disney work. You may also want to check out the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) for lots of info on these great performers.