"Walkin Right Down the Middle of Main St USA"


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Hi everybody,

At the Magic Kingdom in WDW, there is a 'trolley parade' of dancers and singers that ride the trolley and perform a short show in the middle of Main St. Does anyone know if there is a recording of this song available? Anyone have a video of the presentation? I found one a few months ago but forgot the website...

Thanks a lot! :)
yup, it's on the new Official Album.
There is also the "welcome show" that opens that park.

Here is the info I posted on the track a while ago:

"Welcome Medley"- This contains the opening of the "Open the park" show (does NOT have the "Casey Jr." section) then flows nicely into the Trolley Show we do on Main St. I can assure you, it's the FULL trolley show as you would hear/see it on the street.

Hope this helps!



There is also a full version of the whole show in individual sections floating around the internet on mp3. The site that has the video is www.disneyforever.com and it is under multimedia and then rotating. I really love the music in that. Tommy, do you guys still do that show everyday? I won't be back till January but I am hoping to see it when I get there.

Don't worry...it still happens everyday!
(except on Magic Mornings when the park opens early) we don't do the full Good Morning Show but they still do the Trolley Shows :)



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Thanks for the reply, guys! I love the music too!

I think I'll purchase the Official Album, but in Offcial Album thread here on the boards only the welcome show is listed...not the trolley show. Am I missing something?


Thanks for all of the info on this, especially about the video! I love the music for this, but had never seen the show until now. Pretty neat! :)



Cool pictures.

I actually love the Welcome Show (including Trolley portion) audio on the new "Official" album. Almost makes it worth the price of the album alone. Not really, but you know what I mean. ;D