Vinyl, CD or both?


I used to have some vinyl, but that's when I was younger and they have all been lost through the years.

Primarily, all I collect now are the CDs.
To date, a great majority of historic Disney material that I enjoy has not been released to CD, so vinyl is essential for a comprehensive Walt Disney era music collection. I just record them to CD for now.

Wonderland System has helped this situation immensely, as cleaner versions on digital are more than welcome. But they'll never get to everything I like...
I agree, there is a lot of vinyl out there with unreleased material. Besides the LPs, I have been looking for 78RPMs that were released as cover records. I have made a CD with my favorites ( so far) on them

Lavender Blue - Dinah Shore
All the Cats Join In - Benny Goodman
Your Mother and Mine - Doris Day
Ferdinand the Bull - The Merry Macs
The Relunctant Dragon - The Kings Men
Der Fuhers Face - Johnny Bond and His Red River Boys
Fun and Fancey Free - Phil Harris
Say It With a Slap - Loius Prima
Little Toot - Sammy Kaye
Melody Time - Vaughn Monroe
Blue Shadows on the Trail - Vaughn Monroe
It's Whatcha Do with Whatcha Got - Freddy Martin


Rich T

I collect CDs, but I have a couple of sentimental favorites from the LP days that I'm hanging onto - The Camerata Alice LP and the Magical Music of Disney boxed set from the 70's - plus a couple of park picture discs!
Ken - Thanks for the list - - Some of those covers I didn't know about and will look for. Here are some that I have managed to collect in the 40's category (many are on CD, some only vinyl so far):

Give a Little Whistle 2:48 Cliff Edwards
My Favorite Dream 1:41 Marilyn Hooven
I've Got No Strings 2:47 The Andrews Sisters & Glen Miller
Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah 2:29 Paula Kelly and The Modernaires
Tico Tico 2:49 Ethel Smith
You Belong To My Heart 2:23 Frances Langford
Sooner Or Later 3:16 Dinah Shore
Shortenin' Bread 2:43 The Andrews Sisters
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 2:59 Marjorie Hughes
Fun And Fancy Free 3:09 Buddy Hughes
When You Wish Upon A Star 3:09 Rosemary Clooney
All The Cats Join In 3:09 Liza Morrow and Benny Goodman
Tico Tico 2:17 The Andrews Sisters
Whistle While You Work 2:40 Leo Watson
Bumble Boogie 2:52 Freddy Martin
Lavender Blue 3:02 Dinah Shore
When You Wish Upon A Star 3:05 Kate Smith
Sooner Or Later 3:16 Doris Day
Baia 2:53 Bing Crosby
Blame it on the Samba 2:32 Ethel Smith
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 2:13 Gordon MacRae
Fun And Fancy Free 2:41 Dinning Sisters
Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) 2:20 Burl Ives
Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil) 6:02 Francisco Alves
When You Wish Upon a Star 3:08 Cliff Edwards
Der Fuehrer's Face 2:39 Spike Jones & His City Slickers
The Headless Horseman 2:55 Kay Starr
Ichabod 2:57 Bing Crosby
Uncle Remus Said 2:58 Woody Herman
Shortenin' Bread 2:25 Nelson Eddy
Katrina 3:04 Kay Kyser
Os Quindins De ?a?a 3:28 Francisco Alves
Baia 3:39 Dinah Shore
Zip a Dee Doo Dah 1:58 Bing Crosby
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 2:22 Dinah Shore
When You Wish Upon a Star 2:49 Dick Haymes, Harry James
Peter Pan Theme 1:29 The Sandpipers
Brazil 2:39 Dinning Sisters
The Three Caballeros 2:42 Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters
All The Cats Join In 4:22 Benny Goodman
Lazy Countryside 2:50 Dinah Shore
You Belong To My Heart 3:23 Paula Kelly and The Modernaires
Very Good Advice 2:58 Doris Day
You Belong To My Heart 2:28 Bing Crosby
Two Silhouettes 3:12 Dinah Shore
Blue Shadows on the Trail 2:49 Roy Rogers & The Sons of the Pioneers
Brazil 2:40 Desi Arnaz
Melody Time 3:16 Buddy Clark
I've Got No Strings 2:33 Irene Day
The Lord Is Good To Me 1:19 Dennis Day
The Second Star To The Right 3:13 Doris Day
Never Smile at a Crocodile 2:39 Paulette Sisters
The Headless Horseman 3:08 Bing Crosby
The Martins and the Coys 3:15 Ted Weems and His Orchestra
Der Fuehrer's Face 2:41 Spike Jones
Pecos Bill 3:01 Roy Rogers & The Sons Of The Pioneers
Katrina 3:27 Bing Crosby
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 2:52 Johnny Mercer
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 2:19 Perry Como
Baby Mine 2:57 Jane Froman
Pecos Bill 2:53 Tex Ritter
Your Mother and Mine 2:30 Doris Day
Hawaiian War Chant 2:05 Dinning Sisters
Brazil 3:00 Edmundo Ros
Rio de Janeiro 2:57 Edmundo Ros
Mexico 2:38 Edmundo Ros
Baia 3:02 Edmundo Ros
The Three Caballeros 3:08 Edmundo Ros
Jesusita en Chihuahua 2:54 Edmundo Ros
Tico-Tico 2:14 Edmundo Ros
Say It With A Slap 2:30 Louis Prima
Little Toot 3:09 Sammy Kaye
Were some of those re-released on CD or are they all your 78s transfered to CD?

A majority have been released on CD's if you search the odd artist complilations and imports (especially from England for Big Band era stuff) - - some are from out-of-print CD's. Amoeba is a godsend for used discs if you live in LA. Have fun - it's like a treasure hunt!
It has been loads of fun finding the old 78s. I use Mike Murray's book as a guide but I have found many that are not listed in his book.

Now I am curious..what is the quality on the re-released CDs. I am at the mercy of how well the 78 was taken care of as far as sound quality when I transfer it to CD.

I would love to see Randy produce a "Disney Cover Record" album of songs from the 40s-50s.
CD audio quality depends on the individual recording and source. If it's from Decca, RCA or one of the major labels, they are usually nicely cleaned up from masters, if it's from a radio show consider the source, but some odd small labels (or older issues) are mastering from records or old tapes and show the scratches or hiss. It's hit or miss, but I'm happy so many of these have found their way to CD at all.

Randy would be doing a great service by liscensing these tracks for a proper Disney release, since they seldom ever issued many of these songs on Disneyland/Vista anyhow. But so far, Disney hasn't liscenced Disney tunes from other labels - I wish they would.

In the meantime, a good place to start is the RCA Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah compilation CD, which is entirely made up of Disney-related RCA recordings of that era.