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Can anyone tell me if ANY of the old Tomorrowlands had Area Music? I am familiar with the Go go Goodyear theme which played from the Peoplemover station and was no doubt audible from a ways away, but I really don't think I've ever heard about any other pieces that were specifically area music (in other words not tied to a particular attraction). Does anyone have any information on this?
Disneyland never seemed to have had Tomorrowland area background music. Most attractions had entry and exit music inside.......However when Space Mountain was added in 1977 Don Dorsey...of Main Street Electrical Parade fame......produced Tomorrowland Background music and it began play October 1977. It appears to have only been used in the Space Mountain
Plaza area.......but no one can seem to recall. And it is unknown how many years it played there. This track had a total time of (24:30)

Now, Walt Disney World DID have general background this time Jack wagner was in charge of he did a good of making sure there was plenty of music in the new Florida park. In fact, there were different tracks for the following:

Tomorrowland entry bridge (main & Space Place)
Tomorrowland Pylon concourse
Grand Prix Raceway approach
StarJet level

(it is unknown WHAT the music was....but it appears to have been all from the same source.IE: needle drops)

...and these were all done from opening to the completion of Tomorrowland in 1975.....

Today the general background music for tomorrowland
is stuff compiled during a major 1985 WDW TL re-hab.......when the tiles were added to the enrty fountains, and the blue and pink-orange trim paint came into use. (this was culled from several NEW AGE Cd's...and is still used today)

For a short time, when the WDW New Tomorrowland 1994 opened a "Jazz-Deco-Swing" back ground was done in fitting with the land's future-retro 20's/30's feel........Russel Brower and or Tish Eastman of WDI compiled these tracks .....for some legal reason......they had to be pulled (but it sure added to the "new" look of the land!)

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