Vintage Disney....Have you noticed?



Some friends and I were chatting about a trend we're starting to see on eBay. Seems as though items from the "golden" ages of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and EPCOT are escalating in price over a very short period of time.

Ben C. came up with a great hypothesis, saying that he felt it was a reaction of fans harkening back to an age of Disney parks that was more appealing. I know the most exciting music that I've encountered recently has been the World's Fair stuff.

Any thoughts?


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Yeah, we were talking about that the other day. I think it's happening because there isn't much going on of outstanding quality at Disney lately, so people are feeling nostalgic about vintage Disney. I know I would much rather listen to 60's Disney than the current stuff.
I think I've mentioned this on another thread, but my primary source for just some amazing Disney audio material is searching for some of those old "Golden Age" records--78's, 45's, LP's! Randy tried to re-surface some of this "lost" material a few years ago with the Archive Collection, but it was let to fizzle. But with my trusty turntable and CD recorder at hand, I'm doing my own Archive Collection, the hell with 'em--that's the "real" Disney for me. I've found stuff like, "Tinpanorama," an LP of Sherman brothers songs done in various musical styles from the last century, including "Although I Dropped $100,000(I Found a Million Dollars in Your Smile," sung by Paul Frees, which Randy included in the Classic Disney Volume IV CD collection--it's so unfortunate, but less and less "Classic Disney" is being created for future "Classic Collections"--looking back to "Walt's Time" is our main option for some real Disney musical treasures which otherwise will be lost to murky garages and cellars. Mike.


Some of that old Disney stuff is just more fun to listen too. Just the queue track alone to Adventure through Innerspace is more riviting, and intriguing then anything I can think of that has been created recently. With its deep tones and drums, its promise of high adventure in a truly foreign "land", and its almost errily self-aware "misuse of science" feeling, I cant think of anything (except maybe Alien Encounter's preshow) that would have been as stimulating to wait in line for...they just dont make em like they used to.