Tommy - General Ursus Bear (Asteroth/Terrence) at your service!I am currently typing with the COP March Medley that really puts me in the right mood.

We must do all we can to keep Vault Disney - I totally agree! All it needs is MARKETING and good hours! And it's really unreasonable for them to take it off because no one was watching it at 2 in the AM!

There is even a new rumour out that COP may close late next year due to low attendance (uh...only because it's seasonal... ::) ) to be replaced with Flying Saucers. Oh, what a better way to celebrate Disneyland with Flying Saucers! Why don't you celebrate Walt's BIRTHDAY with the COP and Vault Disney? :mad: ::) :-[ :'( (mixed emotions!)

All they need to do is put a banner outside, list it on the map, and not keep it so hidden! It's as if they're MAKING the COP have low crowds! Sheesh, it was NEVER advertised during Walt's 100th - and that's all it needed. They never really market the milestones...and they really need to... is this REALLY a Walt's 100th Celebration? Or is it just for income? Hmmmm?

And with Vault Disney - JUST like they do in the parks - Less Disney! It's undeniable! And no longer is Walt's name on the company?? The Disney Spirit is seeming to go caboosh! Fans of original attractions are being booted out - "We can't please everybody!" says an executive. Sure you can. Please people in "groups" - they ALREADY had Vault Disney - just open up a new channel - like they open a new theme park ever day!! :D We wish, right? :'(

Here are a couple addresses to write:

Anne Sweeney (Disney Channel President)
3800 Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

Mr. Michael Eisner (Be sure to mention the insulting Tiki Room, too, maybe)
The Walt Disney Company
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Mr. Roy Disney (Even though I am sure HE wants it back)
c/o The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-0004

Let's see if there's some pixie dust left...and that
dreams REALLY DO come true!

Long live Walt Disney! Long live the true Disney spirit!


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Boy I knew General Ursus H. Bear would cme thru.....Please lets all take the time to write to these people and I am commiting to canceling my Disney channel in (1) month if Vault Disney does not come back. At this point 5 showing a month of "Gallegher" seems like a treat! See what they don`t understand is our connection to this material runs deep...lets fight the good fight. Again General Bear thanks for your commitment to this cause, Godspeed. Thanks Moochie :'(


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Couldn't we at least urge them to make another Disney Channel that would only show classics, THE VAULT DISNEY CHANNEL? They already have ToonDisney and the Disney Channel, why not add a third channel? This would probably boost the ratings because they could show classics, including animated classics that kids would enjoy, during normal hours when more people are watching television. With a full 24 hours for programing, they could show more full-length classic movies. The only problem would be then petitioning the local cable companies to pick up the channel.

Imagine anytime of the day to be able to sit down in front of the television and know that there will be Vault Disney to watch.


Good luck guys .....but what makes you believe that Eisner, Sweeney, or Roy care what your opinion is. I'm sure Sweeney has an MBA and a good line of BS and that is what really counts in the corporate world of today. She knows what you want...or at least what you SHOULD want. The Disney organization stopped listening to what the public wants long ago. They are however expert in taking "visitor surveys" worded in such a way as to guarantee the results will match managements current wishes. Being out of touch with their core market seems to be a badge of pride with Eisner and Pressler. The results can see seen at Disney's California Adventure (Their crowning achievement :-[), the Disney Stores. and now the Disney Channel. If Disney actually listened to the public and gave them even half of what they wanted would the company be in the financial mess it is now??

So don't get your hopes up that you can persuade these yahoos into doing anything THEY haven't thought up. They know how to run a entertainment corporation. They know that you want to see a movie about "Country Bears" but not the attraction at Disneyland. They know a cheap Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland made of painted plywood cutouts will pack the crowds in also. Hey these guys have the MBAs who are we to argue with them. These are the brains that turned down "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter." Who needs those kinds of properties when you can do "Pirates of the Caribbean - the movie".

Let's just hope they will release the great Vault Disney material on DVD. Then we can watch it whenever we want to. No need to subscribe to the lame Disney Channel. :D


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I don't like what I`m hearing here "why do you think anybody cares" , well this is what is happening to our whole country, they try to "dumb" us down, so we start to doubt ourselves....I see articles in all newspapers regarding the outrage over "Vault Disney", more so than for any other consumer protest, I see things happening, people are talking, so if a couple of you guys want to throw your hands up and wallow in your own pity, go right head, I, General Ursus & Bill Cotter will light the way, just remember to thank us when we reach the promise land. Moochie


Moochie: I'm not saying you shouldn't write the Disney company with your thoughts and concerns regarding "Vault Disney." Maybe you guys will be successful :D. However I was just commenting that it is my opinion that writing letters to Eisner, Sweeney or Roy will not change things. It would probably do more good to register your complaint via phone to Disney. You can get folks to make calls eaiser too!

Good luck with your crusade!! I would love to see you succeed! Personally in regard to the Walt Disney Company I have "thrown up my hands" when it comes to communicating with the current management. Maybe when the board of directors gets some guts and cans Eisner he will be replaced with someone who really cares about customer satisfaction and will listen to what we have to say. My past few years of letter writing have proven to me that they do not care and I choose to no longer try to get through to people who have no concept of the Disney treasures they have been entrusted. Yeah...I'm bitter. But there are still bright spots...Randy's soundtracks, good DVDs. Good Luck ;D
It WAS a geat nine days at WALT Disney World(not Disney World, please--we all know that there is a real man associated with that name). The material on display at MGM Studios in celebration of Walt's birthday is just wonderful--the actual "Dancing Man" animatronics figure, Walt's handmade model of Granny Kincaid's cabin--things I've read about, but never thought I'd ever actually see. The visit was topped off by our family meeting and speaking with Robert Sherman, who was a guest at the Disneyana convention. I wasn't attending the convention, but just happened to "stumble" upon Mr. Sherman when the convention doors were opened to the public. Once I pulled my heart back into my chest and regained some composure, we were introduced to Mr. Sherman and had a pleasant conversation, bought a piece of his artwork, ending with him wishing us all a safe trip home.
Wow...the Sherman brothers are right up there with Walt himself, as far as their significance in the world that Walt created. I left Walt Disney World with a good feeling--maybe there was an inkling of sincerity in the 100 years celebration--maybe it wasn't all just a marketing ploy--wake-up!
I return home to find Vault Disney cancelled.
Let's just think about this simply--Walt's own company is booting him off the air, he who created the very company which unfortunately hires "visionaries" with the audacity to remove from the air the image and voice of the man responsible for their own miserable jobs! Fascinating! Even my 12 year old son could appreciate what great programs are in "the vault," and was never able to understand why all the programs that were truly "Disney" were condemned to "the wee hours"!
In any case, this is a warm-up for the letter "they" will be getting. I do believe letters are vital--I'm not referring to electronic messages shot off in a minute or two, but carefully crafted letters. I recently wrote concerning the uncertain future of the Carousel of Progress, and received a written response as well as a phone call, assuring me that every letter is important, and that a single letter has been known to sometimes cause change. We can only hope this is true. And now that I'm warmed up.....Michael.


For starters, I adore "Vault Disney." I would stay up most nights to see which episode of "Walt Disney Presents" would be on. But to be fair, all this angst over the cancellation of the "Vault Disney" block of programming seems somewhat... late. Where was the protest last year when they bumped the timeslot from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM? And if everyone who is throwing fits over this really watched it as much as they say they did then it would be on in Prime Time.

I hate to be rude or come across as blunt, but the decision is already made. Vault Disney, as we know and love it, is no more. Is it the end of the world? No. Will we survive? Yes. In fact, in none of Disney's PR over the cancellation have I seen anything to indicate that the programs would not be seen in some other form. Whether it's a DVD release (which I would pay BIG $$$ for) or a new block of programming showcasing classic shows, I would bet my right arm that within the next year and a half some, if not all of the best Vault Disney shows (Zorro, MMC, WD Presents, WW of Color) will be back.

Just my 2 cents.


For a very balanced opinion on the subject, I recommend visiting Jim Hill's website at
Moving it from 10 pm to 1 am is very different then cancelling it. Why would I protest something if its time was only changed? I could understand why they would not want to show it in primetime but I cant understand cancelling it to show Lizzy Mguire reruns while the entire Lizzy Mguire audience is fast asleep.
Doesn't moving Teen Shows to the early morning hours promote less sleep for our children?? ;) Or they can record it.

But that means...viewing will be they'll just have to cancel it!

Let's just put paid programing in there... ::)

I say, with enough advertisment, a Vault Disney Channel (or the second half of Playhouse Disney) would be sufficient...and VERY respectable.

Or Disney just wants more profit on Walt Disney Treasures DVDs to come? Hmmmm? Who knows... ::) :mad:


As much as I'd love a Vault Disney Channel (Zorro 24 hours a day! Whoo-Hoo!), my money is on Disney planning on trying to get as much money as possible through a DVD release. And as much as I don't want to pay, I know I will (and Disney is, after all, a business. Money is a good thing for them...) ;)